What healthy breakfast options do you eat?

Fatah N.
I choose to eat some nuts, some eggs with butter toast and maybe some healthy leftovers from mom's amazing dinners. I want to point out that you may not want to eat nuts if you're allergic to them.
Jennifer F.
I really like the following breakfast options!
Breakfast sandwiches (egg, cheese, bread (whole wheat, white, or even one piece of a protein, nuts, and seed packed bread works great)
Eggs and toast (cheese slices x3 or milk for dairy)
Fruit Salad and that protein, nuts, and seed packed bread
And those are my personal favorites! Hope this helps someone, remember that carbs are good 🩵
Zoya X.
Well for me some healthy breakfast options are:
1) when I am late I eat these:
. Protein bars
. Peanut butter crackers
. Yougurt with some blueberries and raspberries
2) And when I am not in a hurry I eat these things :
. Boiled eggs with avacado toast
. Some homemade granola bars and fruits like( strawberry, blueberries,apples, banana).
. Oatmeal and veggies
. Last ( a fruit jar) which has many cutted fruits in a jar.
Basically these are some breakfast options that I eat and you can always have a one bite of dark chocolate or peanut butter cups for a good dessert,or a low fat sugar cookie. Bye