How long does it take you to prepare and eat breakfast? How do you feel? Rushed? Relaxed?

Abhinav Z.
For the time being, I don't prepare my own breakfast. My sweet mom makes it for me. I'm lucky enough different tasty yet nutritious meals every day. She starts preparing early morning and it takes 90 minutes approx. It varies from different courses. The energy I get from it is the energy like no other!

Bianca P.
The time it takes me to make and eat breakfast depends on how many times I hit the snooze button on my morning alarm.

If I'm off work then I'll take my time to make a turkish breakfast which can take 20-30mins to cook and an hour to eat. But if I have work then it's a 10min job of grabbing something healthy like a peanut banana bagel which takes around 10-15mins to eat.

To be honest I never feel rushed to make breakfast. Yes a sense of urgency to get it done and get out the door to work. But I do love lazy days with a long breakfast in bed where I feel very relaxed!

How I feel depends on what and how I eat. Fried foods on the go are a disaster for my energy levels and mood. Smashed avocado and poached egg and I'm ready to take on the world with a smile and cheeky wink!

Jojo N.
I usually feel relaxed as i have made enough time in my morning routine to make a healthy and nourishing breakfast and it is something i would encourage you to do to!