I currently eat applesauce and squash hash browns for breakfast but am looking for more options. Need vegan, grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, limited nuts and no coconut.

Stacy Q.
Hey why don't you try a porridge with some nuts and fruits/vegan Joghurt/dark chocolate as a toping? I also like avocado on bread.

Hannah J.
Hey there, one suggestion I have perhaps is making smoothie bowls. You can blend fruit with ice/cold water and a dairy-free yoghurt of your choice. Then you can add whatever you want on the top! I usually add berries, dairy free dark chocolate and nuts on the top but you can adjust this to your dietary needs. Another thing you could try if you want something warm is a Japanese style meal where you eat steamed rice, tofu, pickled vegetables and a cup of miso soup. I typically have an egg to go with all this so if you’re willing to buy an egg alternative that would add to the meal. Otherwise you can swap these elements around as you please. I hope this helps! I have coeliac disease so I understand how difficult it can be to find meals that fit your dietary requirements.