What if i dont follow fabulous and i lots of candy?

Niels F.
Well first of all, please use proper grammar. Secondly, if I understand you correctly eating candy is fine, but eating a lot of it is unhealthy for your body because it adds too much sugar to your blood. It can cause you to become diabetic, even if your numbers say you are in weight, and it can damage your liver, causing your cholesterol to be high. Cholesterol is ,basically, fat content. This can cause your arteries to clog and can lead to heart attacks. To improve yourself its best to set small goals . Being healthy is very important and you, no matter how much you eat, should probably eat less.
Evan O.
Assuming you're over the age of 18,you're classed as an Adult and can make your own decisions about what you put in your body, however before you do , ask yourself why you joined fabulous in the first place and wether eating lots of candy will help you to achieve your goals
Lucas Z.
That’s ok. It is more than okay to have candy and treats every now and again, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER IT. The fact that you have started to use Fabulous is an incredible start on your self growth journey, be proud, eat that candy with no regret, and know that you are doing your best. If you wanted to eat the candy, eat the candy. “Balance is eating kale salad when your body NEEDS it, and Chocolate when your heart WANTS it”. Keep up the good work~~ 💕
— Hope
Marceau O.
Then you enjoy a lot of candy and dont get the benefits of more energy end good habits 🙂 but the taste is probebly great
Maritana P.
Hi Fabulous friend! Just think that the candy will polute you. Try to replace the candy with something else, some fruit for example.
Arianna U.
Everything in moderation. You can have candy, but why not use it as a treat for when you've achieved a goal? You need to want to change habits for you to be able break them
Beverly O.
Nothing happens. We all fall from the good habits we want to build sometimes. All that happens is you eat loads of candy. Maybe notice why you stopped using fabulous: is it giving you anxiety, is it not for you? Also notice why you want the candy, do you really want something swèet, or do you use it as a reward or maybe as a punishment? It is not about all or nothing when creating new habits, but about trial and error, what works for you? Fabulous is just a tool to help you figure out what works for you. Good luck with everything, and be kind to yourself
Emily U.
You will start to get lots of cavities. It will make your teeth look bad. You don't want your teeth to look bad because it will make other people look at you in a weird way.
Madison O.
Its ok just whatever you feel is best. I myself love candy and can eat it any time. I just started using fabulous myself and it has helped me so far.
Jenny P.
I mean you can totally live your best life, but is your best life eating candy and being happy for only a few moments, or creating good habits and being able to sustain happiness for a long time?
Cassandra Z.
Well many things dependson the choices we make, so think about how you would feel if you didn't do fabulous what would happen, what would be the consequences and if that's something you want to deal with. Then consider the eating candy and how you would feel after that, better physically or emotionally. Then decide between the 2 choices which one you'd like to do. The best to you and your choices.