How has eating breakfast regularly improved your lifestyle?

Brunhilde E.
Eating breakfast regularly has improved my lifestyle more than I thought it would. I usually got up in the morning and had some coffee. The small cup of coffee had to hold me over until 3pm, if and when I was able to take a break. If I didn’t get a break, I wouldn’t eat until I got home at 9:30pm! If I was lucky, my coworkers and I would order breakfast. I’d usually get a really big, heavy breakfast sandwich. By the middle of the day, I was in a slump. I was tired either way—if I ate, if I didn’t eat. I’m usually not hungry as soon as I wake up, and I’m so busy at work that I can run through a 12 hour shift and completely forget to eat. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been trying to eat breakfast regularly, I have more energy for my shift. I feel more awake and less grouchy. I didn’t know what I was missing 🙂
Livio W.
I am more aware of what I eat en why it is important. Since I give myself time to eat breakfast, it has given me more time and stamina in the morning. Apparently I seem to enjoy making my breakfast and because of that I start my day happier.
L O E.
Eating breakfast has actually never been a challenge for me. I appreciate the energy and the solid foundation for a productive day.
Madison F.
I’ve been eating a regular breakfast for a year now, it was after my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Instead of medication we decided to control it with food. After much research and reading, i am a chef so it made things a bit easier, we managed to reverse his diabetes, we both lost weight and my husband is now out walking the dog with me.
Breakfast has become my favourite meal of the day.
Sacha Z.
Eating breakfast before leaving the house has really helped me because I’m making better choices and I’m not ravenous by lunchtime. It’s helping to lose weight and overall I’m not stuffing my face with junk food. I work non traditional hours and my in time for work can change daily. Getting up 2 hours prior to my in time sets me up to make sure I have ample time to do my morning routine plus have a hot breakfast.
Guy O.
I already eat a real breakfast 90% of the time. If I have to eat and run I grab a yogurt.
Living well is more than just one good habit
Luitgard H.
Gave me enough energy to be active in the morning hours without need for coffee. And I was not in need of snack at 10am, I felt full until 12:30-13:00.
I prepared healthy breakfast full of protein, which is also motivating me to take further steps to a healthier lifestyle.
Javier U.
it has helped me feel more energized throughout the day. of course, if i eat an unhealthy breakfast i.e. donuts, then i will feel hungry and low on energy. but a healthy breakfast helps me immensely throughout the day.
Cathy O.
When I nourish my body with wholesome foods I attain a clear state of mind and have energy to conquer the days task. I am loving my morning routine because it is giving me a greater sense of control and elevated mood that lasts throughout the day. A balanced meal keeps me motivated to care for myself in new ways.
Lisa O.
Before I started using fabulous, I would scarf down a cliff bar or a yogurt at my desk at work while I checked my email. When I was done, I hardly felt like I’d eaten anything – I wasn’t paying attention, and I missed it. Now I cook tasty things at home and sit down at the table to eat without my email! I’m eating better foods and I’m enjoying them more – and I don’t get as hungry before lunch, even though I’m eating earlier. This is awesome!
Victor E.
Actually, I’ve always been a breakfast eater except when I am doing intermittent fasting.Actually, I’ve always been a breakfast eater except when I am doing intermittent fasting.
Mathis Z.
I actually already have a regular breakfast routine in place. Eating a full well-rounded breakfast is a great start to my day because it gives me energy, mental focus, and fuels me throughout my morning so I can focus more on getting things done and less on eating!
Troy T.
I have the awareness to be prepared for the day. The time to get myself a little more organized. Time for a banana at least, means a few more moments before I’m off to work, and the day gets away from me. This will also demand that the day before, I prepare just a little bit more. This right action helps me most.
Angelo T.
I start my day with more energy, not sleepy at all and in a good mood, I look forward to breakfast and having something delicious. I am not a morning person but have become one since it exites me to figure out what am I going to eat that is healthy and also tastes good.
L O Z.
No and this is my biggest complaint with app. I reversed type 2 diabetes in 5 months by intermittent fasting and I have much better focus at work when I skip eating and just have black coffee. I find I feel the best when I eat from noon till 8pm.
Howard F.
Surprisingly it has changed things for the better. I’m not as hungry as I used to be. I don’t overeat at lunchtime. I also eat out much less because I have shopped and prepped meals. I have more energy. I feel powerful when making these changes. Food has always been a challenge for me.
Cecilie C.
My life feels simpler when I’m in a schedule. Breakfast makes sure that I am doing my other morning rituals as well gives me energy.
Tracy T.
To me that's not a new habit, breakfast was always an important meal to me. I like breakfast foods a lot and they help me start the day energetic, as I am not really a morning person 😏
Ethan E.
yo eating breakfast in the morning when i wake up feels great bc it makes me full even if it’s just a few peices of fruit. for me i had apples and peanut butter on some days, and toast on some days aswell. eating breakfast in the morning has also changed my life bc i feel more awake and i feel more ready to take on the day, rather than not eating anything at all.
Ella O.
Gives me energy, but not the caffeine/sugar rush kind. Slow burn energy so I don’t crave sweets and coffee and feel good until lunch time.
Marion J.
I try to think of a healthy breakfast as fuel for my body. The micronutrients as well as macronutrients furl me for my day. What i eat affects my physical and mental performance.
Chad J.
I feel more energized later in the day. I feel like I can take on the day's challenges without feeling too emotional. I feel like my digestive system is starting to work better and my heartburn is starting to subside.
Malo Z.
I know actually have more energy, and don't crash around mid day. Also, it let's my mind think after I've woken while I'm making breakfast
Auguste Z.
It makes me feel energetic and exited to eat something delicious after I wake up. Knowing that I eat something healthy and balanced makes me feel like I can make good choices throughout the day when I eat because I started on the right foot.
Noah W.
It gives me energy, makes me feel good and it's one of the easiest things to accomplish everyday, which makes me feel more motivated to achieve even more things during the day
Ernst August T.
I have felt that eating a healthy breakfast sets me up for a day of success. It feels good to take the time to ensure I will have enough energy to get through the day.
Arne O.
Eating a nutritional breakfast in the morning has helped me with energy levels in the morning. I seem to now have more energy and can stay more focused in the morning than I did before. I also seem to be snacking less before lunch, and drinking a lot more water.
Daryl Z.
I eat porridge usually, or weetbix; it fills me up and I am less likely to snack before lunch. It gives me enough energy to tackle the morning’ss work.
N Ger Z.
I feel that eating a healthy breakfast has changed my lifestyle for the better. I now am conscious of what I'm eating for the rest of the day. I also feel I have more energy to do the things that I want to do.
Hannah C.
It prevents me from overeating because I am not eating when I'm hungry. Eating when hungry will only make you eat more because you driven to eat to satisfy the hunger. It is easier to make healthier food decisions and control food portions when you are not feeling hungry.
Marilou I.
I have more energy throughout the day. I feel more like I'm caring for what my body needs by spending the time prepare things for it.
Chad W.
I've always been a regular breakfast eater. If, for some reason, I eat a late breakfast, I feel so crappy, it's like I have a hangover. And once that feeling starts, it doesn't stop even after I eat. I just feel crappy all day. Eating breakfast within an hour of waking up is absolutely essential for me.
Line Z.
Eating breakfast makes it easier for me to concentrate and do my work during the day. It gives me more energy and I don't have to be annoyed by being hungry. It probably also makes me into a much nicer person to be around.
H L Na E.
I have more energy for the morning work. My brain works fast. The best thing is that I no longer suffer from heartburns.
Tammy A.
It’s about the same, since I always drink water in the morning and I always eat breakfast. I am , however, reminded to drink more water and eat a healthier breakfast.
Eve A.
It’s is and was amazing because now when I wake up in the morning I always drink a glass of water and eat a good healthy breakfast and Fabulous has changed my life and is helping my metabolism get better now in the morning I can do a lot of things that I could do before , but you should never give up and you should work harder . XOXO Erleta 😊❤️
Mylan Z.
The main thing is it is part of my morning routine which means it has reduced morning stress. Another benefit is, since I have energy to get me into the afternoon there is less likelihood of grabbing something on the fly from fast food. Since I work part time many times my healthy breakfast keeps me going until I come home and get a healthy lunch.
Tony Y.
It makes me feel more energized and has helped me get into a more regular routine in the morning. It also gives me time to just sit and be still before my day really starts going while also keeping me productive at the same time.
Gerald W.
As I observed the versatility of tasks and the prompt actions that were required from me in the first half of my office day, I acquired the energy, to keep me going till lunchtime, in eating a healthy breakfast.
Muharrem C.
I’ve only been using this app for a week but I started eating breakfast regularly a year or two ago. I find my weight fluctuates less now but that may be due to my lessening love of food as I get older.
Ramona P.
I’ve always eaten a breakfast every morning, but I’m more mindful of nutritional balance now. I make sure that I try to incorporate all food groups across breakfast and lunch
Lillian W.
It makes me get up early every day which improves my sleeping habits and whole biorythm. Energise me and help to think and feel healthier. Makes me feel good about myself and satisfied in all of those levels. Really makes me better man. 🙂