What’s your favourite breakfast?

Heinz G Nter P.
mmh i live in Sicily so going out to eat in a bar is soooo good! you can drink a tea and eat a good Cornetto filled with nutella or marmalade (i don't really like that one). Treccina is my favourite one! really good. but it's not healthy to eat this kind of things every day so probably my favourite breakfast is tea with something like biscuits or grilled bread with something on it(nutella, marmalade, honey..)
Zilca E.
I really enjoy toast with an egg, tomato, and spinach. But some days I like somthing a bit sweeter, so I enjoy banana pancakes. The only sugar in them is the sugar from the banana and it's overall healthier than normal pancakes. Pairing it with berries makes it taste amazing too.
Homa X.
The day usually feels incomplete for me if I don't start it drinking sweetened tea right after every bite of a cheese and hazelnut sandwich.
Gundula P.
Bacon made crispy a little slice of ham fried a little eggs sunny side up waffle with melted butter peanut and drowned in sype with a big cup of milk
Roberta Z.
I really enjoy toast with an egg, spinach, and tomato. But someday I like somthing a bit sweeter so banana pancakes are perfect. It only uses sugar from the banana and is healthy overall. Pair it with some berries and it tastes even better.
Fox S.
I love pancakes and over night oats. Pancakes with honey and strawberries make an amazing treat to start the day, and white chocolate raspberry oats are always my go to!