What is your go-to meal when running low on groceries?

Stacy C.
My favorite, easy and go-to meal is peanutbutter (100% peanut or any low sugar nut butter) on low carb toast (which I stock in the freezer) and some rasberries.
Eduardo Z.
Pasta with frozen meatballs. Freezer foods are a godsend. Frozen fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat help me when I am in a bind. Quick curries and chili can also be easy with pantry stuff.
Lois J.
Omelettes coz you can use up lots of random ingrediants. Other go to's are Jacket Potato or Rice Salad as I've nearly always got a microwave bag of rice in the cupboard.
Fanny Z.
My go-to meal is cottage cheese with peach slices, but I also often eat a poached egg on toast, a piece of chicken breast, or turkey/ham and cheese sandwich. These are go-tos for me because they require few ingredients and little to no prep. They also are made from ingredients that can be bought in large amounts so that you always have them on hand. I hope this helps you😄
Everett P.
Smoothies, I always have frozen berries, nuts, almond milk, chia seeds and protein powder. Quick, easy and super healthy 😁
Jimmy Z.
A bowl of lentils and quinoa. If i have frozen veggies iAds those too with some tahini sauce or soy sauce. Another favorite is sandwich made from whole wheat bread with chickpea salad (mashed chickpeas with avocado or vegan mayo and celery) or tofurkey slices and tomato and avocado. Of course there’s always PB&J sandwich 😜
Arquimedes P.
My go to meals are cooked eggs and oatmeal 😂 maybe not that fancy, but it's cheap, healthy (depending what you top the oatmeal with) and, at least to me, tasty.
Norman E.
For breakfast usually peanut butter on toast or oatmeal. Snacks usually a handful of nuts. For dinner usually I will make some form of pasta dish with left over veggies that I have around. Eggs are usually a quick and easy option as well
William C.
For breakfast I have a protein shake and for lunch I get out some of the frozen bread from the freezer the night before and make a sandwich 🥪 for lunch the next day. For dinner I use a can of soup from the pantry.
Sheila L.
I try to look at my options and then make a decision on what to make. I try to limit bread, absolutely no dairy and I am a vegetarian. So I am sometimes limited, but I always have extra beans in my house to cook and a garden for fresh veggies. Protein shakes are also a great option for me.
Jadwiga J.
Cracker, they taste great with any drink and are cheaper than cookies so you can buy a bunch, I do!
Hope this helps!
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Fernando S.
Olivia C.
Takeaway food, but if I don't want to spend I would search for canned food or go to a convenience store to get at least some eggs and ham.
Ute Y.
My go-to meal is either anything with egg (there’s so much variety and it’s perfectly healthy) or fruit with some yummy spread, like apples and peanut butter! When running low on groceries I generally have one or the other of these foods around!
Baptiste Q.
Breakfast for dinner goes a long way! Chop up whatever veggies you have on hand and cook them with some diced potatoes or rice and scramble some eggs in there and you are good to go!
Tomothy O.
A power bowl with rice, beans, and veggies (frozen works), maybe some cheese, plus a sauce: miso-tahini if I’m in a macrobiotic mood, or salsa if it’s a Southwestern kind of day.
Annamaria X.
Probably tuna in a can. There are so many ways I can turn that into something quite good, whether it is a salad or sandwich filling or as a casserole. I like Mediterranean flavours and generally use a lot of thyme, basil, oregano and flat leaf parsley with it.
Pauline F.
Usually I see what’s left and try to use it up. I always try and add some veg or salad because I hate not having something healthy. For breakfasts my go to is peanut butter and banana with seeds and some maple syrup. If there are no bananas I just have pb because it gives me protein. Hope this answers your question!
Daria O.
I shop daily so that I have plenty of fresh whole food in my diet. So I don't actually get into the situation where I'm running out of food. I also don't stockpile food, to prevent waste
Simon C.
I always have eggs and black beans on hand. So if I’m all out of groceries, I just make a couple of scramble eggs with black beans on the side.
Lesa O.
Pasta! You can buy once in a while, like 2-3 kilos of pastas and keep in the pantry! And when you running low on groceries you can use it! 150g per portion 🙂
Chlo Y.
Mexican food. It’s inexpensive with larger portions than fast food. Every city has a least one Mexican restaurant, so it’s also easy to find while traveling. Sometimes I save the leftovers -including chips and salsa- and have multiple meals or snacks later. The downside is that it can be filled with unhealthy ingredients. Also the portion sizes are usually too large, so I know the calories can add up quickly and easily.
Leah C.
Tuna pasta! I usually have dried pasta, canned tuna, and frozen peas in the house as they are long-keeping staples. I add cheese if I happen to have some around.
Zoneide E.
When there’s not much to eat in the house, I can still usually count on my pantry because I always pick up things like lentils, beans, and rice. I also make sure to have lots of spices on hand at any time, including spice mixes for curry and the like. So when I’m low on groceries, I’ll make soup, or curry, or even see what I can do with whatever produce I have left. Focusing on making meal “components” helps- I can be creative and eat a grain, a legume, and pesto from my leftover greens for example.
Giselle Z.
I love to throw together something in a pot or crock pot; chicken boullion/better than boullion, enough water for rice, dried rice, any vegetables I have, a can of diced tomatoes (I always keep extra in the house), a can of beans, and spices. If I have any cooked meat left over, I throw that in too, then simmer for a while, until the rice is extra cooked and soft, and all the flavors go together. It's a great way to use up leftovers.
Hector Q.
Oatmeal- and overnight oats for breakfast. Don’t think oatmeal is high on protein, but it keeps me full for a long time.