What about drinking 200 ml of milk for breakfast?

Cosima E.
No. I don’t drink milk because I’m lactose intolerant. I do drink 1.5 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk for breakfast regularly with protein powder and cacao.
Soline Z.
Sure why not! I would not recommend it every day but when once in a while you feel like it, it is probably even better with something substantial, a banana, a piece that gives your stomach some solid work to do.
Otfried R.
I don’t consume dairy product. I used to love milk, but I haven’t found any plant based milk that I like to drink by the glass. There are some vanilla flavoured, but they usually contain too much sugar.
Holly Z.
I'm sensitive to milk so i wouldn't partake but i guess it would be good. It has protien and sugar to give you a boost. However, if I was trying to lose weight, i think that's calories I could be using for something more filling, because you'll be hungry in an hour and then you'll consume more calories than if you'd skipped thr milk and ate oatmeal instead.
Liliosa N.
I believe it is something good to do.
I drink milk for breakfast everyday and I find it is very important to give me a good, energetic brakefast.
Mia P.
I have joint issues and I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and many doctors I have consulted mentioned that milk is not good for me
Gabriel Z.
I personally don’t drink milk at breakfast besides what I have in coffee, and even then it’s almond milk. I find that I feel more lethargic starting my day off with dairy milk. Always start the day with a full glass of water and then move on to other drinks!
Depending on how it makes you feel, maybe switch to a smaller glass in the morning!
H L Na N.
I always drink a glass of warm milk with my breakfast. I am totally for it. It hydrates you and gives you a boost of calcium.
Louella C.
Im lactose intolerant. That's not a good idea. And given research that states its acidity actually weakens our bones not strengthens them. .. I will have almond milk if anything. Water is best anyway.
Friedo G.
I don't drink dairy products because of what farming does to the environment and what milk does to my stomach. Its not necessary nor is it enjoyable. Ill have yogurt or cheese, but these are fermented products made out of milk
Renee P.
Well I don't really like cow milk but I do like soy, almond, and oat milk. But drinking it before breakfast would be fine with me! I'll just have to find the benefits of this action.
Lisa F.
Milk should be ok. Just remember it also has a high sugar/low finer content. The goal for breakfast is getting the right amount of protein and natural sugars to energize you to start the day.
Bia P.
Its a good thing to do, but not necessarily. Yoy might get some energy and nutrition, but its not gonna keep lasting for so long, and you wanna get some protein and low sugar in for breakfast. Ive followed Fabulous for the past month or so and ive had so much fun having oats and money, my lunch normally happened just after 2 in the afternoon.💯
Charlie T.
I prefer coffee, but I do try to at least drink water before anything else. Healthy nuts with coffee is quick and semi-nutritious
Eni Q.
I usually drink about 2 cups of milk every morning, primarily for the calories and protein. My daily caloric expenditure is so high I have to stick to nutrient dense food to meet the demand or else I lose weight. Also if I don't get enough protein I lose muscle mass.
Alma P.
I don't even drink milk. Stay away from dairy products, especially milk! Just drink water, or if you must then a natural fruit juice or smoothie.
Sally P.
Sounds ok, however it depends on what I have craves for 🙂 if it's oat milk in strawberry shake or corn flakes then yes!
Hans Q.
it’s probably not the same as water, milk is good for your bones and fills you up, but water gets rid of toxins ands clears your body. choose water first!
Tracy J.
That's an okay idea. I'm not a big fan of milk itself. For some reason I just don't like drinking a class off it in the morning. With the way I eat I really should get more protein though. I'll try it. It mainly just mind over matter.
Armando E.
Whay about it? Milk is bad for you, but I'm sure there's some good to it. It's probably got good fat, and definitely a good source of protein. Hmm, yes. Two percent is my preferred method of milk intake, maybe with Special K.
Margitta J.
I think it depends on if you are looking for weight loss. If you are maybe skim milk and eggs. If not go for it. But don't do milk alone. Higher fat milk and fruit or vegetables would be great.
Johnny U.
Dairy is something I try not to eat too often, so I would avoid it unless it were used to make a breakfast item that is not a glass of milk.
Nanna Z.
In my opinion milk is not good idea especially if you are an adult … you don’t really need milk … you can substitute it with green tea (without sugar)
Norma O.
200ml Is fine, but don't overdo it. Remember to add some nutritious things to it, like natural powdered coca, peanut butter, banana, dates, nuts or sole oatmeal.
Samantha J.
I wouldn't mind drinking 200 ml of milk for breakfast if we were talking 2 years ago. Today, I don't see myself doing it.
Tilde W.
I would have to try it before I completely disregard your milk journey. I’m not drinking milk normally so it may mess up my digestion temporarily.