My husband does not eat eggs, so I’m always searching for high protein alternatives for breakfast.

Wissal X.
You can use whey protein as alternative. You can make oat porridge with chocolate whey protein or with another taste he likes. I hope this will help you
Sharon N.
I also dont eat eggs and workout a lot so i understand this struggle. Chicken is really high in protein along with milk and nut butters. Yogurt is also a great alternative. Perhaps you could also try something like an egg substitute? On top of that I know if you do enough research you could possibly find great meals to make, I get a lot of my meal prep ideas off of things simply like pinterest.
Xiomara E.
You can give him
Lentils, Cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, Almost, Chickpea, Soya chunks, Pumpkin seeds, Milk, Tofu, Peanuts, Nuts, beans, Oats, Edamame, Green pea