Do u eat just fruit x

Amber U.
For the most part yes. I would say that fruit makes up about 80% of diet. I really enjoy it and it’s easy. I love sweets and think of fruit at life’s natural candy that’s is also good for you. Eating fruit 30 mins before a meal aids in the digestion of the meal. You can also do this a hour after eating.
Hermenegildo P.
I try to make sure to get healthy protien, boiled eggs, or greek yogurt with low sugar, adding a bit of granola and fruit… oatmeal is good to start with too…fiber and protien, not too much sugar is best for me. Sending you hugs and cheers!
Seth S.
I don't eat that much fruit, I prefer veg. I try to eat an apple or something with chocolate just some I'm having some fruit x
Kelya Q.
No I eat mainly vegetables for my five a day as they have less sugar and the occasional fruit. I try to fill half my plate with that then protein and carbs for the other 2 quarters as a general guide
Katana Z.
I like to pair my fruit with something else, like peanut butter, if it’s apples/bananas/strawberries. Other fruit like grapes I can eat on their own.
Irmtrud X.
I like to combine fruits and veggies for a nice balance to my diet. Careful suddenly adding a lot of fruits and veggies to your daily diet. A sudden increase can cause stomach upset and digestion issues because of the high fiber in them.
Felice Y.
No, every fruit has its properties and vitamins. It's good to change fruits often so you have every vitamin or other minerals in your body
Kenzo O.
Breakfast is hard for me. I’m not usually hungry in the mornings. And when I am, I want something sweet. So when I’m intentional about eating a good breakfast I try to keep it balanced- with protein. And add fruit to satisfy my sweets craving.
Arnold Y.
I eat whole pieces of fruit e.g. a Banana or an apple between meal times as a snack and often after a meal as dessert, choped up with Greek yoghurt.
Sasha Z.
I'm not big into smoothies or fruits in something, so I always try to keep good-to-eat-on-their-own fruit in my house, and ones that I enjoy! An apple a day…
Clara B.
Lots of fruit does come into my diet as most of my meals arent homemade as of right now however there are some vegetables and I'm working in adding more x
Erica C.
Yes, even because I love it!!! My favourite ones are oranges, kiwi and apples. I usually try to have fruit of the season
Madelyn X.
No i dont eat much fruit actually. Im trying to be better at eating whole foods and fruits and vegetables. It is important to give your body the proper fuel and nutrition it needs to feel your best.
Riu S.
No I always eat rice and egg every morning fruits I have them during lunch and it is only one fruit everyday to control my sugar level coz fruits contains a lot of sugar. This is just to avoid diabetes.
Austin N.
No, not always. I usually eat some bacon with a banana and a granola bar with some milk. That usually lasts me till 12 if I eat at 8. Eating a good breakfast doesn't mean you always have to eat fruit. 🙂
Philip X.
no! i try to eat a balanced diet with lots of protein! for breakfast, i’ll usually kick my day off with a clementine, two boiled eggs, some toast with peanut butter and a cup of coffee!
Luisa O.
No. While I absolutely love fruits and dislike vegetables, having a balanced meal is most important. So I try to have a serving of veggies for every serving of fruit I take.
Kellie J.
Hi!☀️I'm on my second day and my shopping list consists of : Apples, Bananas, peanut butter, Eggs, Cashew nuts/Walnuts/Almond nuts, Low sugar plain yogurt, Plain oats and raisins.

Today I ate Alpro low sugar plain yogurt, a spoonful of natural honey and a tiny scoop of cashew nuts.

If you're not hungry in the morning start of with just 1 banana or 1 Apple (with a spoonful of peanut butter if you have) or a handful of nuts will also be suitable xo

Goodluck from one habit maker to another😋! 🍎🥜🥚🍳

Katie N.
Sometimes, it just depends on if I’m hungry for it or not. The fruit I eat the most of is bananas. I also enjoy strawberries, raspberries, peaches, and pears. I prefer fresh to canned/frozen.
Pearl U.
no, I prefer to use fruits as a topping or a side. for example, with yogurt or oatmeal, I'll top it with berries and granola
Daniel P.
I eat a lot of fruit, but I don't JUST eat fruit. That would be bad for dental health. However I do try to eat fruit everyday. Do you eat just fruit?
Anjeannette Y.
Yes, I think fruits are real important to keep our vitamins and sugar balance. Sometimes, I think I eat more than I should.
Charles E.
Typically no I don't eat just fruit. I will have fruit with something else like cottage cheese, on oatmeal, with peanut butter, etc.
Victoria F.
No , cause our body needs sweet , proteins etc to work propertly. Eating just fruit wont give you energy and you wont be functionating propertly. Hopefully that helped you 😊 , ana
Thomas F.
I also eat veggies. For breakfast I make a fruit veggie smoothie. For lunch tuna and cucumber and alternate with a veggie meal with protien. Dinner is super light. Tea and homemade vegan snacks.
Ferdinand S.
Today I ate just fruit and tea, mostly because I woke up later than usual and had no time to make a full breakfast. I'll try wake up earlier tomorrow