What Kind of breakfast should I eat?

Cindy F.
Something with whole grains, protein & a healthy fat. I have whole wheat toast with hard boiled egg sliced on top. You could use avocado instead of butter.
Hans Rudolf U.
I like to do oatmeal with fruit! if you cut up a banana and mix it in, it's really good. Toast with avocado on top is really great too!
Rachel I.
Well if you normally don't eat a breakfast, then start off small. Look for foods rich in protein not carbs preferably. Also include a fruit.
Tasfia V.
High Carb, High Protean, High Fat, High Vitamins, in one word everything high. And don't worry, you gonna burn it all down!! Obviously throughout the day. Drink plenty of water before and after the breakfast. Don't ask but I know you gonna later, stay hydrated.
Love yourself, take care!!!
Faith E.
I'm not normally a breakfast person since it makes me nauseous, so I keep a basket a fruit I like and grab one on my way to work. Quick, easy, and efficient!
Emre F.
If you feel more energized you should prefer protein based eating and healthy oils. Too much animal-processed-food (include milk, butter, cheese) and sugar make you feel tired. A combination of egg, avocado, walnut, maybe a little slice of cheese, olive and some fresh vegetables will be great and you won't feel hungry in 6-8 hours
India G.
I should eat the type of breakfast that is filling but also healthy. This breakfast shouldn’t be eaten on the run. I should take my time and enjoy my food.
Mathilde E.
First I had a big glass of water, first thing in the morning because it helps me feel refreshed and ready to eat, for breakfast I had Uncle Tobys (best brand of oats ever) with frozen blueberries and ofcourse another glass of water. What did you have for breakfast?
David J.
A healthy full breakfast. Should be balanced in your macros and not too heavy. You want it to be healthy and a tasty reward from fasting all night.
Harold O.
Good proteins and fats. I like to suggest scrambled eggs (a number sufficient for you), a glass of water, Part of an avocado, and a banana. Any combination of these things work
Cl Mence Y.
Whatever you fancy of course.
Your body knows exactly what you need and it'll let you know this way.
Portion is key. You should avoid overeating at any time as it is unhealthy. Do not watch tv or listen to music while you eat as it'll distract you greatly. Try to use small plates to help you, it's better to fill it up again if it's necessary.
Eggs are great, but not very often. 2-3 times a week should be optimal.
Good luck and have a fabulous day! 😊
Fiorella N.
You should eat something naturale, energetic, and that you like!
My tipical breakfast is: a cup of cocoa milk + cereals + 99% dark chocolate