What is the least time-consuming way to get a great breakfast?

Cecilie N.
A protein smoothy, or chia seeds put in yoghurt/coconut milk the night before and some berries added to in the morning. Also like cashew nut butter and/or tahini on rye toast, with banana 😉
Gabriella E.
I like to have a light , preprepared breakfast that is Rich in vitamins and nutrients. I pre make fresh smoothie packs every Saturday or Sunday and stow them in the freezer. I order my groceries on Friday to come on Saturday or Sunday so that I have everything I need for the week ahead. In addition, I make sure my blender is clean the night before and that it is ready to go in the morning. I have superfood mixes from your super Superfoods that I can easily add to my smoothies giving nutrient and energy boost. So in the morning when I wake up, after I've had my water, I take out my frozen smoothie pack, juice and plant based milk, Superfoods and add it all to the blender. Then I have a smoothie ready to drink (or take with me to work)
Alison E.
Toast and topping, yogurt and fruit. To cook an egg, get up half an hour earlier to avoid it going later into your day and feeling stressed. Seems a bit ridiculous to get up earlier for an egg though? But you can't make it the night before, yuck. Have anything you're gunna make that doesn't live in the fridge out and ready to go for the morning, have the kettle filled and the coffee cup ready with the coffee so you can get out of bed, go to the loo, brush your teeth, sort your hair and bring your book downstairs, click the kettle on, put the toast in the toaster, put the pan on the stove, put the tea in the mug – pour the water into the mug and pan, plop in the egg, set a 5 minute timer, butter the toast and sit down and take notes for the day or about your sleep or about how you feel today. Make it easier x
Eust Quio E.
Take a fruit with you on your way to school/work if you're in a hurry, or prepare the all the stuff you need the evening before on the table of the kitchen, so that you're also more motivated to do not skip breakfast 🙂
Mark O.
Prep a few days of breakfasts at a time. For example, I make egg muffins and make enough to last for 3 days. Then you just grab and go!
Henry T.
I've been making a bowl of old fashioned oats. I have been adding hemp seed, chia seed, ground flax seed and a tablespoon of peanut butter.
Alessio C.
Depending on your lifestyle and diet, there are quite a lot of options. If you are also feeding a family, a slow cooker would be an excellent investment. Or another overnight food is overnight oats with chia seeds and whatever milk works for you. If you have freezer space, batch recipes that can be frozen then heated are godsends, like mini quiches. I personally like simple foods that I can set and leave unattended while I get ready/ do housework, like rice or simple chicken soup. In a pinch, some chia seeds, some sweetener and dry fixings measured before hand added to milk in a jar will be ready for me to eat when I get to work.
Andira I.
Honestly, I have time in the morning to make a great meal but I'm just not that hungry first thing in the morning. So I grab a yogurt or granola bar and sit it in front of me at my desk [avoid putting the coffee cup in front of you] 😉 that way instead of filling up on coffee first, I grab the yogurt or fruit bar and sip it down with a glass of water and my coffee. Idk how but it helps, while this does too!
Frederik N.
Get all your recipe handy a night before, so you just wake up and prepare not looking around for one thing or the other.
Sylwia Y.
I plan ahead by setting out the dishes or utensils I need the night before, and often making the decision of what to eat the night before too. For quick breakfasts, you can pre-portion some nut butter into small containers, then grab that with a spoon and an apple or banana as you go.
Waltrud E.
I eat a healthy breakfast that is available in my office or outside. If that is not an option, then prepare the majority of it the previous night so that it's easier the next morning. Boiled eggs or scrambled are the easiest ones. A bowl of yogurt or museli is quick too.
Priska Q.
The least time-consuming way to get a great breakfast is to prepare your ingredients the night before, purchase a shake mix that you only have to add water, or grab a piece of fruit and toast….
Juliette Y.
Meal prepping is always important. I work shifts so some days get up at 5am, I make overnight oats for those days so I can grab and go. Otherwise I'm eating avo/eggs on sourdough toast…made in 10 minutes…it's all about time management really.
Nathan P.
I use high protein meal replacement shakes to save time in the morning. Be sure to read labels as some shakes and meal replacement bars are high in sugar. It’s a great opportunity to learn about reading food labels. You should also do an online search for nutritional needs for your weight, height, and age. Be sure to get info. from a good reputable source like Mayo Clinic or MyPlate.gov. Avoid sites selling products to obtain your baseline requirements. Good luck!
Alyssia I.
What I like to do on days when I'm on-the-go is hardboil eggs the night before (eat 2 in the morning) and then make instant oatmeal in the morning. It's super fast and super high in protein for your day. Fruit is also a quick thing to grab in the morning. Hope this helped a bit!
Layla F.
The least time consuming way to get a great breakfast is apples and bananas because it has many things to keep you energized for the day.
Joseph U.
You should plan out what you want to eat at night, then in the morning you’ll know what you want instead of thinking about it for a few minutes. You should also put things that don’t need to put in the fridge on the counter the night before. Also put pans or containers you are going to use that morning the night before too.
K Thi C.
Prepare something ahead of time — on the weekend &/or evenings. Choose easy, healthful items that don’t take fiddling or cooking or thinking in the morning. Portion them into 5 containers in the fridge or freezer for the week so you can grab & go. My favorites include muffin-sized frittatas with eggs, ham, & veggies, or yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit & nutty granola. If I skip breakfast, my brain gets fuzzy halfway through the morning. Who wants to talk to a hangry coworker, anyway?
Nina P.
Snap kitchen! Of course it does take some planning too, and it isn’t as cheap as making your own, but there’s just no comparison for the convenience and good ingredients.
Izzie S.
If you want to get a great breakfast that’s healthy you could always make a salad or something if you want something like that or if not then you could buy some frozen strawberries or blueberries or some other type of fruit then every morning you can make a smoothie and it only takes a few minutes and it’s healthy or you can quickly make some cereal and quickly eat it hope this helps thank you for asking me!
Leslie T.
Focus on quick protein. I find a high protein toast and peanut butter with a glass of water the quickest and most efficient way to get what I need. I put the toast on and do something else while its cooking, then a quick spread of peanut butter and away to go.
Maurice F.
The key is to keep things simple. A few basic ingredients can be combined in different ways to make things more interesting. Eggs, oatmeal, lean meats, fresh fruits, and plenty of milk are the main things to focus on. Another good option is to schedule the week's breakfasts ahead of time.
Renate E.
A nutrition bar (I prefer larabars and Luna bars) with a glass of water and a banana are SUPER fast way to start your day right!
Valeria N.
My least time consuming breakfast would be oats, milk, eggs or fruits… They're easily made in less time and ready for on the go….
Edouard P.
Plan ahead. Whether you like smoothies or breakfast casserole or a bowl of cereal, anything you can do when you have more time (maybe on the weekend) to make your busy mornings easier. I pre-portion smoothie ingredients, make a tray of pancakes that can be eaten throughout the week instead of individual pancakes each morning, or use a breakfast casserole that can serve as a quick dinner.
Albert G.
I do have Huel as a breakfast (I live in UK). There are plenty of meal replacement shakes available on the market that combine a good amount of complex carbohydrates, fats and proteins to give your day a good start.
Alban Y.
The least time consuming – by far – way to get a great breakfast has a small catch: you need to spend twenty seconds the night before.

If you are able to do that, here it is: overnight oats. You just put your oats in a bowl, fill it with the milk of your choice (or even just some water), and throw in some toppings: nuts and seeds, fruit (dried, fresh or frozen. The great thing with overnight oats is that your frozen fruit can thaw at the same time your oats are soaking overnight). You can also add yogurt if you like.

You can eat them cold the next morning, or throw them in the microwave first. You only have your bowl to clean.

If, however even that is too much, any combination of nuts and seeds, nut mixes, fruit, yugurt, etc will do it, and you can even eat them directly from the packaging. ZERO prep and cleaning required. A generic nut mix with a healthy dose of walnuts and dried cranberries, plus a banana is my favorite in this situation.

Sam J.
Personally, I have always felt that making breakfast the night before helps me out. I can make some more complex things, and then just toss them in the microwave in the morning and be ready to go!
Jon E.
Boil some eggs ahead of time (like a weeks worth) or grab a handful of nuts or a spoonful of nut butter and eat with some fruit.
Emily U.
When make a Awesome healthy smoothie or oatmeal with fruit in it.
Or you can eat great fruit, yogurt or a slice of toast and favorite meat
No matter what make sure its healthy and you eat breakfast everyday
Gleisy Q.
1 minute-cook oats is the greatest option. I have a habit to start a coffee maker before brushing my teeth. I just added small routine: mix half a cup of oats with milk and set them in microwave. When I am done with grooming I have coffee and oats ready.
It was also easy, because I usually always have milk and oats could be purchased in huge packaging. On the weekend, I prefer to have banana, pineapple, berries with plain Greek yogurt. I was trying fruits with peanut butter, but it's too sweet and too fatty to my taste.
Gereon C.
The least time consuming way to get breakfast is to prepare it the day before.

Overnight Oatmeal is prepped the night before and stored in the fridge overnight in a container you can take on the go.

Making eggs in the morning can take some time and requires cleanup. Instead, you can pre-make egg dishes that you portion and refrigerate, then just microwave in the morning.

Try making a Quiche, Frittata, or Muffin Tin Egg Cups

Some other quick and easy options are Protein Shakes, Peanut Butter on Toast, and Avocado on Toast.

I hope this helps you find a good breakfast that works for you!

Ella F.
Well, try inventing new easy breakfast, especially those which you can prepare for the night before. I personally love the idea of a bowl of white rice with some scrambled eggs 🙂
Courtney Q.
Blend fruit, nuts, vegetables and protein (powder, pasteurised white eggs or yogurt) with water, milk or something else you like and drink.
Arlene J.
I know a lot of people that plan the night (or even days) before so they can grab something quick in the morning, however I have not yet mastered that technique.
My quick breakfast consists of a banana with a couple tablespoons of peanut butter smeared on as I go, or a healthy protein bar. Honestly though, most days I try to fast until lunch, just getting by with a couple cups of black coffee.
Ahmet U.
I have a Protein shake or meal replacement bar or shake. As i'm in the car its the easiest thing for me to grab on the go which isnt full of sugar and fills me up until lunch.