Does your breakfast routine change on your days off? Sometimes I find myself missing breakfast on days I don`t work since I get stuck in the I`ll do it later mode.

Alexander W.
I'm always starving in a morning so I look forward to getting my eggs in the pan as soon as I wake up! I also struggle to get going without a coffee or two.
Milton J.
Totally!! I get out of bed slower because I want to relax in the mornings, which usually makes me sluggish/foggy to begin with. The work I do requires a ton of mental and emotional processing, and if I dont have time during the week, sometimes this processing starts to happen first things Saturday morning, and breakfast takes a backseat. Not the best! I need to build a weekend routine of some sort..
Est Fano C.
Since I do not have a job outside the house my routine stays pretty much the same. It is very rare that I skip breakfast. It would mean that I slept late and started my day with an early lunch. My husband treats me to a lie in once in a while. And I have only a few different things for breakfast so it’s not a big deal or a big decision.
Soline P.
Yes, but I find if I buy simple,yet healthy instant "on the go" type foods,( cereal bars, fresh fruit, etc.) And set them by my keys/purse the night b4. I can still reach my goal. Even in a hurry.
Amalie U.
On my days off, I might have a breakfast at a coffee shop but I still have a good breakfast. If not I'll still have my normal breakfast it just might be a bit later than my usual 7:00
Sofia Y.
Yes the timing gets changed when we have breakfast on weekend. A quick and healthy breakfast option is a good idea on weekend.
Linda U.
Yes my habits are generally different on my days off. I might get up later. Or do a longer workout. Generally I have a cooked breakfast or something that takes a little longer to prepare on my days off. This feels like a treat and I have the time to eat more mindfully.
Sofia Z.
My routine is certainly different on my days off. I have more time to savour the event, and it is likely to be later and more of a brunch. I am trying to plan my menus ahead to prevent me missing meals. I have resolved to be more adventurous in the kitchen, so this is part of my plan
Selma P.
I use breakfast as the time I can catch up on news/current events. So whether it’s the rush of a busy day or the leisurely eggs, this is the one moment of the day that I get to know what’s going on in the world. I think that pairing it with something I enjoy and already do every day helps it happen everyday without fail.
Robin Z.
Yes and but honestly it's best if you don't. I've read and experience that the body shouldn't work in 2 different time zones. Meaning if you wake up early for work, wake up that same time when you're off to make it a habit/routine. Same goes for the food you eat.
Grace E.
Yes, when I don’t have to work, I have a hard time getting up in the morning. I don’t have any deadlines or anywhere to be. I wake up, use the rest room and get back into bed. Even though it’s my usual 7am start time.
Joanne Y.
When I am home with family my routine does change, however if they see I have a breakfast routine separate from theirs it would be good for all.
Amaury S.
Yes, usually when I get out at night and I wake up later than usual sometimes I skip breakfast. But it's not always, for me breakfast it's the best meal of my day so it's something I really love to do. Try to eat healthy things that you really love and you'll be looking forward for your breakfast!
Gilbert S.
To be honest the only way it change for me is the fact i can spend more time making/cooking something (solid) which i can eat and enjoy at a slower pace. Because my usual breakfast is a home made smoothie which is quick to make but usually cold.
Carter O.
Sometimes. On days off I’m more often able to catch the morning exercise class I go to, and will exercise first before eating breakfast. But I eat breakfast everyday- regardless of whether I’m working or not.
Xavier A.
Since I changed to a ketogenic diet, I don't normally eat breakfast.
I'm adding intermittent fasting and the results have been great.
Fasting for 16 hours with a window of 8 hours to eat works well for me so far.
When I used to eat breakfast, I ate more during the rest of the day.
For early morning, I have coffee or Chai tea.
Ketogenic is extremely low carb, (I try to keep it under 30 grams) moderate protein and high fat.
Since April of this year, I have lost 40 pounds and I feel great!
Qu Li P.
My breakfast routine changes because I have different things for breakfast. I do my best tip never skip breakfast though – im a better human if I have eaten in the morning. Not only is it good for me, I'm also friendlier and more patient when my sugar levels are stable.
Phillip X.
Not anymore. My goal using this app was to never say I'll do it later when the reminder comes up.

I make sure I have easy but healthy things at the ready like boiled eggs, english muffins, oatmeal, etc. Leaves very little room for excuses.

Peggy R.
Actually, I love breakfast on my days off because I can sit and enjoy it and relax and have my coffee. Basically, not have to rush through it.
Veronica C.
Actually I don't ever breakfast because I do intermittend fasting. I like this much better and it gives me more concentration and power throughout the day.
Roberto T.
Yes, sometimes I eat a bit later but I think it's ok to sit quietly with a hot drink for a bit before you decide what you really want to eat. That way I find I enjoy it more and feel more satisfied. I find it more of a struggle on school run days as everything is such a rush, it's a struggle to justify sitting down for my own breakfast.
Nicoline F.
Yes it does change on the weekends, usually when I donnt have a schedule I tend to procrastinate on thing I do for my own benefit! Breakfast is one of those, and also the whole day becomes a stragle to keep up with, a helathier diet, you are less energetic, and more irritable!
Kristen E.
The types of breakfast do not change, but the time breakfast takes place does. I work nights. On my days off breakfast us typically around midnight. On days I work it is around 6pm.
Edouard P.
I do seem to have breakfast a little later on the weekends but I do have a good breakfast even if it’s later. I’ll have breakfast even if I miss lunch anyway.
Colin Q.
The time/routine does not change but the meal and the portion of it does.
For me it’s important to stick to it because it’s way too easy for me to fudge, or slack off.
The Monday – Friday meals are small with high protein portions, whereas the weekends the meals are more elaborate and larger.
But the time that I have breakfast does not change.
Theresa E.
Absolutely. I find it much easier to have a routine on my work days. Days off are more free flowing. But I think they should be.