What can you prepare night before for a great breakfast?

Lilly R.
Depending on what I'm making I do different things. For example if I want to make a smoothie, I put all the fruits I'll need in a ziplock and put it in the freezer. Then in the morning I have my frozen fruits, scoop in some yogurt, put in whatever liquid I want and it's good to go. Other times I usually use left overs to make my breakfast. Like this morning, I used the vegies that we used last night to make fajitas, to make my omelet this morning.

So overall the best things u would recomend would be:
1) make sure that he have something you can use for breakfast the night before.
(Ex: cut up fruits, vegies)
2) make sure you wake up with enough time to make your breakfast
3) make sure your breakfast is something you actually want to eat. Sometimes it can be hard to make a nutritious breakfast that you WANT to eat but it will make it will make your mornings easier.

Mille B.
You could prepare the ingredients for a smoothie or make the smoothie at night. You can else make boiled eggs. Make a breakfast and cooking a egg to add to it in the morning might be a good idea as well.
Evelyn U.
Clothes and stuff ready to wear and pack in case time is a little short. Batch cook lunches. Check of items available and make a decision then so it's not needed in morning. Move things to inside fridge.
J Nio T.
A savoury breakfast wrap with anything you like in it to put in a sandwich press in the morning- or just eat cold. Some fillings I like are tofu and cheese with chopped almonds and lettuce, or peanut butter and spread. For sweet you can prepare oats – put some frozen berries in and they will be defrosted by morning. Put oats and milk in a bowl with seeds, nuts, sultanas and berries. Leave in fridge overnight and it will be nice to eat in the morning. You can drizzle over nut butters or jam too before eating. Hope this helps 🙂 I love breakfast!
Lodi C.
Put everything you like on the counter already if possible. If not, remind yourself with a note. I eat fruit every morning. If I want to prepare this the night before I will cut all the fruit already to save me time.
Clayton F.
Maybe something you can put in a microwave. Or chop up some fruit you can just throw into your oatmeal in the morning. Or decide what you're going to eat and prepare everything you'll need to make it the night before and put it all in the same place in your fridge.
Mille B.
Boil steel cut oats for 1 minute, then cover and remove from heat. Next morning, it’ll be cooked all the way through and just needs to be warmed up. I like cook mine with oatmilk, then add dates and peanut butter in the morning.
Jeremy N.
Overnight oats are one of my favourite prepare ahead breakfasts! Pinterest has TONS of recipes! Also boiled eggs are easy! Boil them the night before and wake up and peel and eat as they are or make a breakfast sandwich with them!
Lin N.
Overnight oats
Breakfast burritos
Mini quiche in muffin cups
Greek Yogurt parfaits with fruit and granola
Marius P.
Prepare everything to make your coffee the night before. Banana and peanut butter takes a second to prepare in the morning
Kayla F.
I prepare yogurt by having it in my serving bowl with a lid. You could prepare eggs by boiling the ahead of time. Having your oatmeal ingredients ready to pour and make would work. If any fruits need cut and cleaned you could do that. I also have my coffee pot ready to push start when I get up.
Kristen U.
Overnight oats! Put some oats, chia seeds, almond milk, vanilla, 100% maple syrup, and whatever fruit you like in a jar and leave it in the fridge over night! It'll be soft by morning and SUPER delicious, either warmed up or cold!
Cyndie A.
Food-wise, hard-boiling eggs the night before, or making sure there is fruit that can be taken "to go" helps me.

One thing I struggle with, but know will be helpful if I stick to is, making a to do list at night, and checking off as much as possible before bed, so I have more time in the morning.
Waking up earlier is very helpful, but I can't do it yet… wah

Catamina Q.
Over night oats are pretty good or if you're treating yourself to pancakes in the morning, make the batter the night before!