Some quick suggestions beside nuts, eggs and fruits?

Carl P.
Oats give a quick energy boost in the morning, along with soya or even coconut milk, peanut butter is always a good call. Whilst smoothie are a nice accompaniment, they're not as easy to create. Making a high protein meal of beans, nuts,,veggies and a form of carbs also makes a fantastic breakfast.
Douglas R.
Morning smoothies are quick and usually filling. I mix kale, frozen dark cherries, and almond milk. (Sometimes a banana, if I’m really hungry). I can drink it on the way to work or during my morning walk and I feel like I did something good for my body to start my day!
Isael W.
A vegan breakfast: protein packed fruit smoothie , apples & peanut butter, avocado toast, oatmeal, fruit: papayas, mangoes, watermelon, etc
Curtis O.
I don’t like eating too early because it upsets my stomach. Late morning i will maybe eat. Today I had oatmeal and I thought that was helpful
Tinita S.
I believe cereals low in sugar are an alternative to nuts, eggs and fruits, though I'm not sure how much you may enjoy these bland cereals, but they provide room for creativity as you can use them to create a variety of different breakfasts, for example you could incorporate fruit into your cereal, if you don't like fruit you could try nuts or anything else you decide to add