Any vegan breakfast options other than porridge which are quick and filling?

Andresa E.
I prepare mine every evening to save time in the morning. I make an almond butter sandwich with nut meg, cinnamon, black berries and hemp hearts. It is packed with protein, manganese, iron, monounsaturated fats, fiber, and gives you a serving of whole grains, fruit, and antioxidant spices. Another great vegan breakfast is flaxseed, black berry waffles (bisquick, flax seed, vanilla, plant milk, chopped walnuts) then add whatever you like when they are cooked. You can also get unbaked croissants at the store (they shouldnt contain anything from animals) and fold them up with berries, cinnamon, chocolate and have a sweeter breakfast! Coconut sugar is a good replacement for refined with a lower GI so you probably wont feel as drained at noon if you use that instead. I also used to eat bagels in the morning with a blue berry spread. I've used just-egg (plant based egg) and made frittata with daiya or Chao (plant based cheeses) and they are outstanding with morning star (pea meat). But if you're making that, cook the pea meat in a pan until brown first. I was eating almond butter oatmeal with berries, pumpkin seed, dried cranberries, sea salt and agave (you can use dried oats to clean out your nut butter jars, making nut butter oatmeal and prevent waste!). It was very good but I wanted more whole grains in my diet so now I have my sandwich in the morning.
Miss N.
Hello there! Check out CleanAndDelicious on YouTube. She has a few breakfast cookie recipes that can easily be made vegan (or are vegan). My favorites would have to be the 3-ingredient almond butter breakfast cookie. She also has made multiple pancake recipes that can be made vegan by replacing eggs with chia or flax eggs. (A little disclaimer- These recipes are better whenever you meal prep them. If you have an off day where you can make these cookies or pancakes, that means that you would be able to have multiple days of breakfast while only cooking it on one day! I really recommend this because it makes healthy eating easy, and it also helps with that convenience factor. I donโ€™t like to have to cook breakfast everyday, so I would reach for an unhealthy convenience breakfast; having a healthy option prepared sets you up with success.) Also, try looking up vegan breakfast recipes on Pinterest; I am not vegan, but I have seen so many plant-based recipes on Pinterest that I have tried and loved, itโ€™s well worth the search. I hope this helps you. Have a lovely day.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘‹