What is an easy breakfast other than protein shakes?

Jeremiah O.
50g flour (oats, chestnut, rice…mix and match 🙂 )
70ml egg white
30g greek yogurt
This is usually the base for my pancakes, then I add fruits, chocolate, aromas, and I serve them with other yogurt to have a high protein source 🙂
Johanne W.
Whatever you had the night before. I’m not a fan of breakfast foods so I tend to warm up whatever I had the night before. This morning was multigrain garlic spaghetti. Yum!
Elsa F.
Yogurt and frozen fruit are my favorite. The yogurt is a good source of protein and the fruit adds flavor. There isn’t much preparation involved, and it can be prepared the night before or a week ahead of time using mason jars. It’s also portable, so you can eat on the go. My favorite is getting sugar free (with no sweetners) organic yogurt, I mix in a little honey and frozen blueberries or granola. That way I can control my sugar intake.
Catrin X.
I buy already cooked hard boiled eggs, and frozen veggie sausage patties. On a rushed day I have an egg and one patty (microwaved for one minute) and can take it with me if I have to. It's tasty and packed with protien.
Katie B.
Scrambled eggs and toast of course! Or oatmeal with. Banana, applesauce cinnamon nuts and raisins or dried fruit toooed with yogurt. Yum!
Samuel U.
Fruits or snacks protein bars premade shakes things store bought always reduce the processing time of anything and everything
Josefine G.
I recommend hard boiled eggs for a very lean meal or if you prefer scrambled, I cook them in olive oil to get all the nutrition from it without worrying about the extra fat.

A bottle of kefir also does the trick if you’re in a time crunch. That fills me up and keeps me going for a while. I just sip it through the whole morning.

Sara P.
i usually perpare porriage oat with chia , pumpkin seed and blueberries .
cook together
place them i glass jars
when cooled
add plain yogurt 3%fat
1tsp of Maple syrup ( optional)
makes about 6 servings
i eat it cold or room temperture .
J Rn Z.
Easy breakfast for me is an egg with some hole grain bread and a banana. Even better would be yoghart with oat meals and banana inside but that depends on the available time have in the morning.. 😊😊
Candice J.
Overnight oats. You make the recipe in a mason jar the night before and eat it cold or microwave it for hot cereal in the morning. Pinterest is teaming with recipes!
Tamara J.
If you have time the night before oats plus liquid (milk, almond milk, yoghurt) and date or
sliced banana and refrigerate. In the morning take out, add berries, cherries or flaxseeds and enjoy.
If you don't have time then add hit water to an instant porridge pot adding some fruit or nuts.
Makes me feel peckish…
Zoey O.
I usually make overnight oats the night before – I adapted a really good recipe from the Minimalist Baker:

1/2 C rolled GF oats
1/2 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk (more or less depending on preference)
1 spoonful of chia seeds
1 spoonful of any nut butter
1 tsp (approximate) of vanilla bean paste

Stir til it’s well mixed, let it sit in the fridge for 4-6h

If I want it sweeter I’ll add brown sugar to taste along with a few fresh berries the morning of.

Wolf R Diger O.
Use a muffin tin to bake eggs with your favourite vegetables! Mix eggs with chopped vegetables, toss in a bit if cheese, herbs, salt, and pepper, and bake until set. Voila! Single serve breakfasts that reheat easily. Toss in the fridge for the week, or put extras in the freezer.
Marcus U.
We scramble an egg with a ton of spinach and nutritional yeast, salt and pepper. We eat it with blueberries. It’s easy, healthy, and fillings.
Cl Mentine F.
Hard boiled eggs. I make a large batch at the beginning of the week and eat them with toast and sliced cheese for quick meals.
T Cio Y.
Break two eggs on a hot non-stick pan with a little butter, ghee or extra virgin olive oil and a slice of melty cheese on top. On the side you can have turkey or bacon slices
Cathy L.
I take tubs of yogurt to work, it’s easy to grab on the go and eating just 200g of a natural or Greek yogurt is surprisingly filling, I’m often not looking for food again until after 12pm.
Albina Z.
I like protein bars. There are some really good ones that are soy and wheat free. I also like making hard boiled eggs ahead of time as well as homemade beef jerky.

I'm also a fan of bulletproof coffee.

Arianna J.
I have:
Oatmeal (w/ milk and raisins)
Yogurt with blueberries
Handful of walnuts and almonds
Banana or other fruit

pretty much every morning now

Jonas U.
First off, protein shakes can't be considered breakfast. Quick and easy breakfasts can be porridge, scrambled eggs with bread and beans, ham and cheese sandwich, etc.
Enzo N.
An egg with a round of Canadian bacon (back bacon or ham) in a toasted English muffin or multigrain toast. I add a tomato slice or some mixed peppers, green onion & sliced mushrooms cooked in the egg to vary it. I buy green, red, yellow and orange peppers, dice them, freeze on parchment on a baking sheet and store them loose in a freezer bag. Then use what I need. Saves on prep time. This breakfast cooks in 5-7 minutes & is quick to eat.
Le Ncio Z.
Bacon and Egg muffin cups. Whip up eggs, grated cheese, almond or coconut meal, baking powder and chopped bacon or ham, bake in muffin tray on 180 degrees Celsius for about half an hour. Best grab and go breakfast you could imagine! 👍
C Lia C.
Eggs, maybe boil many of them at once and store them in the fridge and every morning grab one. Buy tomatoes or your favourite veggie. Lettuce is a great option since you can quickly sandwich it.
Peter Y.
Pinterest has loads of low carb high protein breakfast ideas. It’s just needs a little prep on Sunday and you’re set for the week. I just found a great coconut protein cookie recipe with no flour, just nuts and protein powder and a little honey. It’s really filling.
Ezio T.
Eggs can be quick and easy to make and give variety. Scrambled eggs with tomato or mushrooms, cheese omelette with spinach, boiled or poached with wholemeal toast.
Laura B.
Cliff bars, bananas, leftover pizza slice (hopefully yours are healthy), a bowl of blueberries, apple (actually I like the combination of apple and banana eaten together :-)), bread/toast with spread/cream cheese/cheese slice/deli meat
Adalberto W.
Scrambled eggs. You can add veggies and seasonings to suit your preference. I typically do spinach and mushroom or tomatoes and feta. Enjoy!
Alpoim I.
Have a big bowl of while grain cereal and/or oats with some dried or fresh fruits. You can sprinkle cinnamon or protien powder or other spice. Have it as you're getting ready as you can easily transport a bowl or pour into a thermos if you cannot eat it all right away and save it for your next break!
Georg G.
Oatmeal with cinnamon and fruit. You can put everything in a bowl and microwave it for a couple of minutes and you have a great breakfast. You can even microwave old fashioned oats -just make sure it's on a lower power setting (like medium) so they get soft enough.
Jonas W.
Homemade energy bites or egg cups are a great quick breakfast. Make them ahead of time and then store them for many quick easy breakfasts. Nuts, granola, fruit, quick oatmeal, and leftovers are all great options too.
Friedrich Karl Z.
Greek plain yoghurt and home made müsli from choped nuts seeds and dried frut and barries, or at least thats what I eat, most of the time I top with some whole weet ots and a little bit of granola. I suggest counting the calories the first time so that you know kind of how much of each you need.
Michelle Z.
Eggs are great protein and easy. Eggs can be made ahead such as boiled eggs. Egg muffins with veggies are also great to make ahead.

Instant oatmeal is easy and adding your own fruits.