What should I eat on breakfast and when after wake up?

Anita Z.
I usually drink water, drink breakfast and then do everything else. I cannot do anything on an empty stomach. For WHAT you should eat, that's your preference. I say that you can eat whatever you want as long as it's healthy. I always eat cereal because that's the only thing I can eat fast in the morning but during holidays I eat a brunch consisted of eggs, bacon, bread and salad. It's your choice as long as it's sensible.

Urban X.
A healthy breakfast should include fruits, carbs and protein. Maybe go for avocado toast, or porridge with fruits and nuts, a smoothie… I tend to have breakfast after I exercise, but you could do the Luther way around…

Nars Lio Q.
Well, I'm unsure of what would suit you in particular but I do know that apple or banana with peanut butter, a full-day yogurt bowl with berries and grape nuts or a veggie scramble with sweet potatoes have been my go-to's recently!!

Fulvio E.
I should eat healthy and protein based food. I should give myself enough time to eat properly and slowly even though that means waking up earlier.

Darciana A.
Foods with protein and fiber, and some complex carbs. These will keep you fuller longer than simple sugars like donuts. Think eggs, fruit, nuts, whole wheat toast, or oatmeal. Also, anytime you can incorporate veggies into your breakfast is a great win (peppers in your eggs, kale in your smoothie, etc.)

Samantha L.
Whatever your favorite breakfast is! I find that it’s a great motivator to get up and start your day when you’re excited about your meal.

Franklin R.
Eat something that will keep you fuller longer, I love oats as my starter with abit of honey, cinnamon and nuts. I prefer to eat approx 30 minutes after waking up, gives me time to stretch, hydrate and wash up before sitting to eat, but often I end up eating on the way to work in my cups and containers to go. I often prepare my oats the night before, if I dont ..I end up eating a bad breakfast (a pie) and run out of energy before morning tea.

Cecilie F.
You should definitely start your day with good, healthy breakfast. But, that means you should take time for it, that is your perfect time in the morning. If you start your day with breakfast, and take time for yourself, your whole day will be brighter and you will feel happier. In breakfast,you should avoid sugar… It will make you full for 2 hours, and that is not the way to be full of energy. Make some eggs, or eat apple and some meat. That will keep you full untill lunch!

Lo S T.
When choosing your breakfast make sure it is something healthy and sustainable like an apple and a banana or a protein bar. You can never go wrong with the classic bacon and eggs and if you are on the go a handful of nuts is always a good option and I always eat breakfast about 30-45 minutes after I wake up as I like to exercise and shower first.

Therese T.
After you wake up drink water, then do exercise and then eat handful of dry fruits, especially almonds and walnuts and then eat peanut butter.
In breakfast you can eat regular home made things.