Do you eat breakfast even if you don’t feel like it or wait until you’re hungry?

Lawrence C.
I usually wait until I’m hungry to eat breakfast. I’ve always been a breakfast person, so I absolutely can’t live without it. But, like I was saying, I like to drink my water in the morning and then just relax a bit. Once I start getting hungry I’ll get up and eat a smaller part of my breakfast, like a granola bar or yogurt, as I cook an egg or eat some protein or something bigger to sustain me through the day!
Jairo S.
I try to eat before I’m hungry now so it can just be part of my routine. I used to wait until I got hungry but a routine seems to dictate eating before that happens.
Anna B.
I always eat breakfast. I've been doing it for so long, I can't imagine a day without it. Also, I know that without breakfast, I'll be annoyed (and annoying) the whole day long. It happens at times I don't feel like eating in the morning, so then I just eat a handful of almonds, a banana or even just a slice of cheese – something to get me going.
Tony N.
I eat breakfast even when I don’t feel hungry because I know I need nourishment for my day. I also know that a good breakfast will keep me from craving junk food throughout the morning hours.
Jackie E.
I usually wait until I'm hungry but recently since I've been waking up early I put an extra effort to eat in the morning even if I am not hungry.
Emma Y.
I always eat breakfast, it does not matter what time it is. I think it is very good for you. Also to have food in your stomach.
Ashley R.
I don’t usually have breakfast as I don’t make time to do so with catching the bus to school and all that morning usually routine. I usually tend to become hungry around 10 o’clock. I always keep a bottle of water with me so I can drink during class instead of eat.
Emily A.
You know, I've actually been trying to figure this out myself.

I've struggled with my weight for a long time and, honestly, I havent noticed a difference between fasting in the morning or always eating breakfast no matter what.

I always drink coffee though!

Lately , my approach has been to think about my day ahead, as well as my hunger levels at the time. I'm trying to be more mindful generally, and this is a big part of it. If I'm not hungry, but know I'll be away from food for the day, I'll eat a bit and try to bring something with me. If I'm starving, I eat!

A big issue I had to overcome was mistaking thirst for hunger. I'm much better at it now. Water and coffee in the morning helps with that.

T Miris I.
I usually eat breakfast whether I’m Hungry or not. My breakfast obviously depends on how hungry I am but I know I’ll feel extremely hungry later if I don’t eat anything.
Britt E.
Some mornings, like this particular morning, my body just doesn't feel ready for food. On these particular days I take it as a sign to fast until lunch and just have some tea with a little salt, lemon, and honey. If the thought of eating isn't nauseating, maybe try a bulletproof coffee, which is what I usually do.
Sophie C.
It depends if I have time. If there are pre planned things in the morning meaning – breakfast is happening now or never – I'll have something small even if I am not feeling hungry, if I can have the luxury of waiting I'll wait till I am hungry because I just find it tastes better when you build up an appetite for it.
Magdalena X.
I am normally hungry during the morning and I look forward for breakfast. It is one of the best times in my day and I enjoy so I do not skip. But if I will not feel hungry, I will skip or eat something smaller than normal. I sometimes do this with dinner.
Christian T.
Depends on the day. If I haven't got any hunger and I've got a long day ahead of me I'll eat something small like a banana and bring more food with me. If I have a day off I'll wait for when i get the tiniest bit hungry and then I'll eat.
Tinyiko F.
I eat breakfast even though I am not hungry because breakfast is an essential meal to give you energy for the rest of the day or until lunch. Eating breakfast everyday will build the habit and sooner or later u will not even have the thought of not feeling hungry
I promise you eating breakfast in the morning will help boost your mood for the rest of the day 🥰☀️
Wade F.
I always feel like it! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and genuinely look forward to it every morning. Only time I don’t would be if I’m not well.
R Mi E.
I do eat my breakfast even when I don't want to eat. I'm trying to give myself good habits in everything! Plus I usually don't eat healthy food which makes me get some health problems like Anemia, loss weight so I can't get more which fits my age and my size measurements "height"…..
Plus I'm having a skin problem too so I really hope you guys will help me out.
I would thank you all Fabulous Team❤
Gustav G.
I try to eat at the same time every day, even if I don’t feel hungry. Because once I start to eat, my hunger kicks in and I eat end up eating it all.
Frida W.
I’m not really a breakfast person, at least I tell myself that. Waking up at 6 or 7 am, I do not feel very hungry. I usually need time to wake my body up, I have noticed a huge difference when I started to drink water right when I wake up. This small action kickstarts my day as well as my body. If you do not feel like eating, at least drink water and grab a fruit or smoothie for the road!
Kiki T.
I eat breakfast only when i'm hungry actually,but sometimes if I have to workout I try to eat a little when if I'm not hungry at all
Marleen F.
Depends on the day I have ahead. If I know I’ll be out of the house a lot, or plan to get up and get started right away, I make sure I take time to get something down. If I plan to stay in the house and I’m not too hungry, then I wait for lunch.
Zsu I.
I try not to eat dinner too late and that helps be hungry when waking up. Also as you start getting used to having breakfast in the morning you automatically start getting hungrier in morning. What also helps is not have coffee or caffeine before eating.
Marcele Q.
Normally I am hungry when I go to get breakfast but sometimes if am not I will wait an hour or so until I am then have breakfast.
Brooke F.
If I’m not hungry then I don’t eat breakfast because it’s not good to overeat/eat if you don’t want to, or feel like eating.
Peachade N.
I always want the first thing I eat in the morning to be a natural non-processed food, so if I’m not hungry I would be eating just the banana and maybe my oatmeal later.
Yv N.
I always eat breakfast. It’s normal for me to feel hungry within 30-60 minutes after I woke up. If I’m not hungry, I know I’m (going to be) sick.
Jr N.
I don’t have a morning routine. It really revolts around the moment . When I have time I like to sit and have breakfast, but mostly I just storm out and eat when I’m really hungry. Sometimes I don’t eat anything or just coffee and a cookie, until the afternoon.
Lisa Z.
I normally feel hungry in the morning at the moment. But when I was working I only ate if I was hungry would often skip breakfast.
Olivia E.
I usually want breakfast first thing. On those occasional days when I'm not feeling great, I at least have something small like a piece of fruit, or toast. Then I'll plan to bring something extra with me if I'm going to work, or I'll plan out a nice Brunch for myself if I'm off that day.
Hans Q.
I wait until I’m hungry because when I’m hungry I feel like eating and by that I make my self my own breakfast everyday filled with fruits vegetables lots of protein and some carbs I honestly feel like if you eat when you don’t feel like it you’re forcing yourself to do something that you won’t enjoy or be happy and glad that you did it
Firmo Q.
I usually wait till I'm hungry but when I know that I have an option to make great breakfast next morning I always eat right after I wake up
Josefine X.
Yes, I do sometimes make myself eat breakfast even when I'm not feeling like it, but I don't force large quantities. I don't like to start the day with an empty stomach. I hate heading out of the house with abusolutely nothing on my tummy. Specially because I have hipoglucemia, endometriosis and can fall into anemia also, it's one of the best ways that I can take care of myself. Plus, feels fulfilling to feel like I'm starting the day. Other then that, I'm very hungry in the morning so I'm happy to chow-down a nice breakfast 🤣.
Ellie N.
I don’t usually have a large breakfast, but I do wait until I am hungry. I wake up have my water, later a cup of energizing tea and then a banana once I am hungry.
Diego O.
I will still eat my breakfast even if I don't feel like it. As there is a certain time I have assingned to myself for eating breakfast.
Dewi F.
I always hungry after wake up, that's why i alway eat breakfast . I wait until good mood, and depand on menu occasionally.
Wesley U.
Yes i will eat breakfast every single day and if i dont feel like it, i will just take food that i like so i will get excited to have breakfast!
Dylan J.
Yes, even if I'm not hungry I know it means I won't be later on in the morning and it sets me up to have energy throughout the dyay
Jade J.
If I'm not hungry in the morning I still try to have something small (like a banana or apple) but not force myself. I find that way it's easier to just fill up a little more later on when you have an appetite whilst still having energy for the morning if you don't feel like anything later on
Sofia C.
I rarely feel hungry, I've gone 3 days without eating before purely because I forgot. I didn't realise until the world spun around me whenever I moved. So I eat regardless of hunger.