What’s the best time to eat breakfast?

Kelly X.
There is no best a.m. for taking a breakfast. You should eat your breakfast definitely before you start working. Also If you already have your breakfast, but you don't work that day, right after your breakfast stand up, wash your dishes and go outside for the grocery shop. Give a chance to yourself to understand that eating is not a reward for doing nothing. Is your fuel to start your day. Otherwise you ll definitely eat something again only after an hour.

Kaylee Z.
Morning, I like to have my breakfast between 7 and 9 in the morning. I prefer a high protein breakfast with some low starchy vegetables and a bagel.

I love to have a home made soup with chicken, red, green, yellow peppers and onions the best. My crackpot is my friend. If I don't have that made, I'll eat two boiled eggs, two turkey sausage patties and a bagel with green tea or a good black tea.

My goal for breakfast is to get satiated and quell my hunger. This helps me with my caloric intake the rest of the day, keeping me in a caloric deficit along with my exercise routine.

Lohan C.
For me, it's 30 mins after I wake up. Why? Because when you wake up, u need about 30 minutes to get dressed, brush your teeth, maybe even take a shower. 30 minutes is enough to get ready, but not too much. Eating right after you woke up is a really bad idea. Your stomach is need some time to wake up too. While you're sleeping your stomach is processing food from yesterday. When you wake up it still needs some time to end that process, and get ready for fresh food. You're also helping your stomach if you're sitting down while eating.
That's the best I could think of, I hope it helps! <3

Gabe O.
The best time to eat breakfast is right after I brush my teeth and drink water and do other morning routine. Or if I workout, then after workout. Usually the time is 10:00 am on average

Greg U.
I eat breakfast as soon as I wake up. In this way, I feel energised for the rest of the morning and I can do all my things with more happiness✨

Viridiana P.
In the early morning to feel energized through the whole morning, a breakfast consisting of quality peoteins and fiber will get you fulfilled.

Francislene Y.
To eat breakfast it's better when you wake up because then you will feel more productive for a long day don't forget a good breakfast makes a better person with energy for all day

Peter A.
I think that the best time to eat breakfast is between 8 and 9 o clock in the morning. Depending on what time you wake up, it shouldn't be put off for more than an hour afterwards.

Lias E.
Not too late, but not too early. You shouldn't be in bed thinking how hungry you are, because that's too late. But you shouldn't eat breakfast at 5:00 am. Though for some people, eating that early or late is comfortable for them. I'd suggest that you try both and see witch one you're more comfortable with. But for me, I eat after my shower and my scin care, just because it's more of a routine for me. I'm never really hungry, but I want to eat something. For me, that's the perfect time to eat.

Brian S.
Ideally, whenever you feel hungry in the morning. If you don’t feel hungry but need to eat breakfast before you miss the opportunity, just fit it into your morning routine somewhere. For me, I like to delay it as long as possible because I never feel hungry before work. I’ll start my morning by getting dressed and making myself a coffee, then packing for the day, THEN eating breakfast.

Rosa C.
I personally get up, drink a glass of water, exercise for 8 mins and then eat breakfast. I think this is the best routine.

Molly J.
I feel like I prefer having breakfast after some stretching exercises, so my body wakes up and gets ready to prepare a good breakfast. Before stretching, it makes me feel bloated, and then I don't enjoy the exercises so much

Adina O.
when you feel like your body has fully woken up (or to the best of its ability). if i eat breakfast when my body doesn’t want me to, i get really sick, so make sure that you’re awake enough to eat food

Jeremias P.
Early as possible, right after I’ve prepared my body for the day (shower, hydration, stretches)
Ideally I think you should have breakfast an hour before work just so that you don’t feel rushed or that having this meal is delaying you from your day.

Carolyn T.
I would say, in the morning. It makes a routine for your day, and also gets you energized for the activities you’ll be doing. Although if you exercise in the morning, take breakfast after exercising. Hope this helped!

Sandra Y.
It depends I guess, but for me usually I have breakfast at 6 a.m. when I have school but if I don't have school then it will be at 9 a.m. This is just me but people said eat breakfast within an hour of waking since breakfast is all about breaking the “fast” of a night without eating

Sofie U.
It depends on your morning rituals. If you're doing workout and meditation, I suggest eat breakfast after doing these things.

Sylvia C.
What I do is, after I get out of bed I go to wash my face, brush my hair and and brush my teeth, I then go and head to my room and pick out some clothes and pkace them on my bed ready for when i finish breakfast.
I head to the kitchen and make myself a bowl of cereal and eat it. Obvi. I then head to my room and get changed. I normally have breakfast at around 8:30am

T O Q.
After exercising. Why? Because in the night you consumed all your glucose from dinner so when you exercice without eating anything before you consume your fats. If you eat breakfast before then you’ll have this sugar in your blood which will have to be consumed before consuming the fats. In conclusion I think the best time to eat breakfast is after exercising. Hope it helps :))

Yanis G.
The best time to eat break fast is in the morning but not exactly right after waking up. You should give yourself a little time before putting your digestive system to work.

Ruby S.
I think the best is to first drink water, then do 2 or 3 minutes exercise to start your body. And then have a quick shower. Then you are ready for breakfast.

Kenzi Q.
Its within two hours after waking up. The sooner you eat breakfast after you wake up, the better it is for your metabolism, and don't forget to exercise after breakfast to kick start you day with an active start.

Paula W.
8:00 am is the best time as it is the start of the day and if you do breakfast at this time you'll not feel hungry afterwards till lunch so you don't eat anything junk and can keep yourself healthy.

Lauren E.
I think the best time to eat breakfast is 30 minutes after fully waking up and starting your day. You have time to fully awake and drink water and do some work and finally get a piece of bread or cereal as a reward for yourself for getting up !

Owen G.
2-3 hours after you wake up a healthy and hearty meal is best to have. Before that first eat fresh fruits and then have your breakfast 30 minutes after that.

Derek P.
To me it's both, I started out because I wanted to lose weight, but it took a while to start because all I'm thinking is that this is going to be too hard. But once I started I got this amazing feeling after I got done because I was able to finish something that I thought was hard, and it made me feel good about myself, all I had to do was to just keep up the grind and everything would go my way. If you are starting on this journey I know you got this and you're stronger than you think. It's not going to be easy at ALL trust me, but just stay focused and stay strong trust me on this too.

Christy O.
Maybe you could use a exercise with me video that you can find on youtube or you can even invite you friends or family to make exercising fun and better.After exercising maybe you can give yourself a rewardso next time when your exercising you know what you will look forward to after a nice exercise.However,please do keep in mind to avoid taking unheatlhy or junk food snacks as your reward

Rosa Maria Q.
I don't have a specific time since it depends with a person's schedule for the day…. All I'd say is make sure you never skip breakfast and make sure you have a great breakfast

Barbara E.
I am actually still trying to figure that out myself. I have a tendency of feeling a bit queasy in the morning and therefore I have a hard time eating right after waking up. So often what I do is: have a cup of coffee first, then eat breakfast. It helps. Although one thing I've also noticed is that sometimes if my first cup of coffee takes too much time, I'm so low on energy that actually making breakfast feels like climbing a mountain. So a thought (that I haven't tried yet) is to prepp breakfast as I'm making my coffee, but eat it after finishing my first cup.

Karina E.
well it’s gonna be different for everyone but i’m not sure what the best time is because i haven’t done the correct research. but for me it would be after showering and being awake for about 30 minutes

Anni F.
I think that exercise in the morning is better than do it in the evening because your brain is still full of charge and don’t think about all the excuses to skip it.

Victor Z.
I used to leave my meditation for at the end of the day to unwind, but ended up realizing that I would end up falling asleep m without completing my goal. Now I do it as one of the first things I do when I wake up.

Carl B.
I would say the best time to eat breakfast would be around 7:30-8:00 because it gives you time to get ready and still have time to eat.

Leroy Z.
I usually eat breakfast after I drink water, exercise (I personally do morning yoga), and get ready. I’m not completely sure this would be easy to find out on google<3