How do you stay on track when your daily routine is disrupted through travel or work?

Ellie O.
Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track, I’ll be honest, I have skipped a few days of rituals and daily routines I do, simply because my schedule is way too hectic. But when things settle down, I take a step back and start again. There’s nothing wrong with starting over, as long as you do start over. Habits are hard to form, but keep at it, even if you miss a day, or a week. Just keep trying!
Jen F.
Since I am at the beginning of creating new habits, I try to keep my daily routine short and focus on one part of my day, like try to build my morning routine first and as soon as it is second nature I'll move on to the other times of the day. So keeping my daily morning routine short allows me to do it everyday even when things don't go as planned through the day. I might be late, but it happens and that slowly builds habit.
Chaeli U.
I try to stay positive and content through those disrupted routines. Not everyday is going to be perfect. Try to be happy more through those hard times.
Tonya E.
It’s just cold hard discipline. Lets say you sleep through your alarm. Then i’m eating my eggs and toast while walking out the door. It’s all about doing the hard work, especially when you don’t feel like it.