What should I eat for breakfast?

Clinton S.
I eat peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread (sometimes toasted) and a piece of fruit, normally a banana or orange
Dorothee X.
For me i eat something that hes protein in it like eggs, tuna, even nuts and chicken, so that I won't get hungry that fast, with a little carbs to have energy, and coffee to make my day.
Jacob Z.
Something light but nutritious. With many Vitamins but low sugar or fat is best; Oatmeal or bread with avocado and an egg can easily power you through the first hours of the day!
Zahraa A.
Maybe some fruit like an apple or grapes, a spoonful of peanut butter if yore lookig for something light or a peanut butter sandwich if not. Eggs; scrambled, fried or boiled [up to personal preference]
Lawrence S.
Something filling. Check the nutrition panel that the sugar isn’t too high (sugar is quick energy, that runs out quickly too) and think about your protein, fibre and healthy fats for a more filling option.