Do the others get fat with eating well breakfast? It’s too hard to get fat for me.

Calvin T.
A lot of people deal with excess fat or obesity because they don't understand how the body works. Breakfast shouldn't be the overloading of your body with fatty foods first thing I'm the morning. It's best to drink water with lime after waking up to help your body get rid of mucus and then help your bowels get rid of yesterday's waste. After you have your first BM of the day you should drink coconut water, infused water or simple tea until 11 am. 11 is when you digestive system awakens to start processing the foods you will consume for those next 11 hours. No one should want to be fat, it does us no good! Stay Healthy!
Alice N.
nope, i try to have balanced, healthy breakfasts. I eat within 30-60 minutes of waking which also helps my cortisol level.