Do you have any good make-in-advance recipes? I like to have things ready to go that I can just pull out of the refrigerator/freezer and heat up, but I’m burning out on the things I usually make.

Devyn G.
A hash with things like potatoes, turkey meat, carrots, and general food items that you like can be very delicious. There are many different variations that can be researched!
Tobias C.
A good make-in-advance recipe for breakfast is overnight oats. It’s a mix of oats, milk, chia seeds, yogurt and other optional toppings such as fresh or dried fruit and so on. I recommend looking up a recipe for it!
Angelina E.
yes i have and it's not complicated at all. You don't even need to warm it up. And he is very healthy. This is my recipe: salad, chopped pickles, roasted chicken cut into cubes and sauce of your choice on top of everything
Jack J.
Im the worst at cooking. I usually buy things that I don’t have to cook. Specially at breakfast when you are in a hurry
Amy F.
Yeah sure! I will tell you how to bake a cake sooo first of all you have to buy vanilla ascene second buy milkpak third buy a big bread and then buy chocolate that is also big and then get the bread and then put vanilla ascene and then put milkpak in it and then coat it with chocolate then put it in freezer for 24 hours and then put some decoration and your done!