When you are short on time in the mornings, what do you eat?

Ot Lia Z.
I usually pick up some fruit (an apple or a banana, o both) and I eat it while walking. Or I like to buy something for me outside, at the machine of the underground station.

Luke Z.
I usually have a bag with 3 cups of trail mix set up for breakfast. It's a mix of raisins, cashews, peanuts, m&ms, dried carrots, and dried strawberries.

Adam Z.
Most of my mornings are very short on time so I will usually just have a piece of fruit like a banana. If I have 5-10 mins I will make a Fab Four smoothie(look it up you wont regret it)

Carl L.
Believe it or not, I love having leftover dinner for breakfast! There is something very satisfying about having protein and vegetables first thing — especially when last night’s dinner was one of my favorites. It also sends a “this is a REAL meal” message to my brain.

Oktiadewi X.
I might just eat a banana or apple. Some muesli bars would do as well. I would also have a cup of tea in a travel mug or something.

Christina N.
I keep an Israeli salad ( cucumbers and other veggies) in my fridge. I take that out and put it in a to-go container for the road. Sometimes I add hummus or yogurt and toast if I have time.

Frank C.
Sometimes you’ll wake up later than usual and don’t have time to make a nice breakfast. That’s why I keep a box of breakfast cereal bars in the kitchen just in case

Peggy U.
For me, preparation is the key to sucess. The night before I would prepare the food. For example, I would make muffins ( I enjoy peanut butter banana muffins or low carb egg muffins cups ) and keep them in an air-tight container, when the next morning comes, I heat them up. Sometimes I would have a fruit salad and some granola, or just plain Weetabix, strawberries and honey.

Danielle E.
I bake my own bread so a quick and fast breakfast for me when I am on the go is a slice of my homemade bread with some butter, I'm able to cut the slice to my own preference so I'm in the mornings I might cut it a little bit thicker slice with the butter and then I usually eat it in the car on the way to work

Nadine J.
Breakfast go-to is natural greek yoghurt, hadfull of mixed berries and museli. Or a banana walking out the door, portable, easy to eat and comes with its own carry civer

Jan R.
If you live in the UK, I get the brand Freee, the chocolate cereal, which are 100% natural no nasties added. I have that with some plant based milk and a piece of fruit

Gina P.
Half a cup nonfat GreekYogurt with half an apple chopped up, an eighth cup of walnuts, and a few good shakes of cinnamon is my go-to, gotta-go breakfast.

Tessa Y.
When im super rushed I don’t eat anything. But recently I’ve started preparing breakfast at night so now I can eat it no matter how rushed I am.

Joshua Y.
If you usually do not have to prep meals in the morning, it may be good to prepare the night before. Overnight oats are a good go-to and the recipe is flexible for taste! Nuts or peanut butter are a good sourcd of protein if allergies are not an issue. Boiling some eggs the night before can also prove to be good for some protein. If you need something quick to eat in the morning, I usually like chewy granola bars since they are easy to eat, as well as small and portable if you are on-the-go. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are pretty nutritious and can also be taken on the go. Looking up some recipes online for quick breakfasts can be good for ideas so you know in the morning and don't have to go hungry in the morning. Best of luck!

Amanda S.
I usually grab a protein bar or have a protein shake with athletic greens. If I am feeling really hungry toast with peanut butter. It's usually enough to keep me full until lunch or get me through a workout.

Tiffany P.
a banana, or a hard boiled egg if i have some in the fridge. Even a handful of grapes, a piece of cheese and/or a couple of crackers is better than nothing!

Paige N.
When I'm short on time in the mornings, I grab an apple or banana from my fruit bowl. I also keep roasted almonds in my desk drawer for protein and dried cranberries in case I forget to grab a piece of fruit.

Edgar U.
I like to have the protein of probiotic cottage cheese, fresh mozzarella, or maybe yogurt. I don’t like anything sweet in the mornings especially so I find dairy to be a quick alternative to grabbing a piece of fruit.

El Onore O.
I do not eat. Sometimes if i’m going to school I will have a fruit bar because I keep them in my locker. Other than that though, I just don’t eat