If I crave soda or energy drinks what’s a great substitute?

Selma Christiansen
First, drink water. Then take a five minute walk, just enough to get your blood moving. If you're still craving soda after that, drink some fizzy water. I like Clear American– it comes in many flavors and is cheap, but anything fizzy will do.

Tobias Møller
I have been trying to replace soda with flavored sparkling water. I still get the cold and fizzy that way. But it is hard, I still want soda!

Nádege Da cruz
I dont know what can replace. But if i cant stand, i drink a little soda or enery drink. Maybe i just sleep or drink water.

Caleb Craig
Water is best!! If that doesn't work for you, I enjoy Zevia once in a while. It's sweetened with Stevia and tastes great.

Ömer Breier
Fruit juice, lemonade, shakes(chocolate,banana, oreo, strawberry, mango) ! Once you understand they are healthier substitute and does better job than soda or energy drinks, you'll choose them.

Eléa Blanchard
Use individual water flavoring packets. You can buy them at the store with the drink mixes. ICE bottled water is great too. V8 makes a diet version of their energy drinks. If you’re needing caffeine, a good cup of coffee or hot tea will satisfy.

Valmira Jesus
Ginseng or guarana extracts contain up-to three times more caffeine compared to coffee. Those will give you a lot of energy.

Milton Grant
A great substitute for energy drinks is milk smoothies and de toxic water.. You will feel refreshed and energized. Don't forget to sleep well too.

Lílian Novaes
A friend of mine is taking caffeine pills to get rid of the sugar first and tackle on the caffeine later.

I feel more inclined to just drop the energy drinks suddenly, but I have to say that it is proving to be too hard, and I thought of finding a buddy to whom I will have to report and shame if I fail to my commitment. This worked for me in the past with a coworker who was trying to stop smoking. It worked nicely for both of us.

Aaron Denis
I personally love the red Powerade zeroes. They remind me of the Rockstar Punched energy drinks that I love, but without all the extra sugar and caffeine. They are a nice flavored beverage that also hydrates the body.

Arron Fields
A great substitute for sugary drinks is fruit juice. You need to make sure the juice is pure juice and does not contain any added sugar. This is important because the point of not drinking soda is to decrease your sugar intake.

Thibaut Lefebvre
If we crave soda, coffe, sweets or food when we are full, we are often thirsty. Try forcing yourself to drink water more often until you get used to

Genilsa Ramos
Fruit teas, fresh fruit, switching your attention to an activity that excites you and keeps your mind occupied. Exercise is helpful too. You can add lemon, lime, fresh cucumebers to plain water and make it more interesting that way

Erik Gonzalez
The best substitute would be water. But that might be boring for some people. If it’s the carbonation that you crave I would suggest drinking sparkling water, you can add lemon or lime juice to it if you’d like. If you’re craving bubbles, a little bit of caffeine and sugar I’d highly recommend trying kombucha. The carbonation is naturally occurring from the fermentation of the tea it’s made from. It’s delicious and it’s healthy for your gut with lots of probiotics. Buying these things (sparkling water and kombucha) is expensive and wasteful, which is why I recommended simply drinking water. But you can actually make kombucha at home for cheap with tea and sugar and add whatever fruits and spices you’d like. You can find guides and recipes online. Good luck!

Emil Madsen
If you crave the caffeine or the carbonation or flavors there are options like zero calorie soda which has expanded to most flavored sodas. You can also drink coffee black or with a measured amount of cream or sugar, there are even zero calorie coffee creamers or flavor surups out there. Also most black teas have alot of caffeine in it as well but it also contains compounds that will promote a calming effect despite the caffeine. Though if you want to limit caffeine intake it tends to be best to slowly decrease caffinated drinks each day and replace them with non caffinated versions. There are less soda options without caffeine but they do exist. You could also try non caffinated coffee or green tea. Herbal tea typically will have no caffeine either.

Maria Rose
If i don't want to drink water, i'll go with a tea. Nice 0,5L tea cup. But hey, there is nothing wrong with soda or energy drink once in a time 🙂 Don't get too strict. Only the things that we do repeatedly matters. Same as with working out. You won't get muscles if you train just once. You won't get health issues if you drink soda once in a couple of days or so 🙂 Everything is fine if it's in normal amounts. That's my opinion. Don't get toooo strict in life 🙂

Piotr Groll
I drink water or tea . Fruit tea may give you some energy. Or you can simply add some fruit into your water bottle to make it less boring

Gabriela Da conceição
Try drinking a large glass of water and promising yourself the reward of a sweet beverage that day. You may find you are no longer thirsty and the craving subsides. If not i always try to reach for fruit water or tea

Suzy Roberts
Sparkling water! They make all kinds of flavors. Or if you really need the caffeine, maybe take a caffeine pill (or half of one) with it. That way at least you’re not getting all the sugar.

Leslie Graham
I find that it’s okay to reward myself with something I enjoy as long as I maintain control. At dinner I drink a small glass of the lowest sugar alternative for my favourite soda, Pepsi Max, and I don’t drink energy drinks because of their high risks for heart health. At the same time, I make sure that throughout the rest of the day I drink water and I try to stick to water when I eat high sugar and high calorie foods like Chinese take away.

Henoch Peixoto
If going cold turquey is too much start by swaping to zero cal drinks. But really you want to start drinking water. Try naturaly flavour with fruit. Maybe mint and lemon, my favoyrite

Christoffer Christensen
If you want to drop something, drop it gently.
When you want to drink something just drink it, but drink less. You can fool yourself by watering it up a bit. It's tastes weaker, but you'll get used to it quite quickly.
Works with pretty much any sugary liquid.
Good luck!

Brayden Davis
Start with sugar free versions. NOT DIET. You have to look at the ingredients. Avoid aspartame. I like XS energy drinks as they are all natural.. I also drink the monster ultra series which has 0 carbs 0 sugars. I have a soda stream so I can carbonate water and flavor it how I want.

Jackie Hall
I really have got into kombucha recently. I needed the probiotics to help with some other issues I had, so I feel good about drinking it! Before that, I was really into flavored carbonated water. I used to think it was gross, but a friend offered a taste of hers and it was realllly flavorful AND she showed me it had 0 calories! And it was the cheap one from Walmart!

Erich Pahl
It's about cutting back and gradually eliminating. After awhile you won't crave but if you do Lacroix is not bad, Bubbly is better

Jordan Wallace
I’m not completely sure about this answer because I don’t like soda and therefore I just don’t drink it but natural juice like fruit, etc and drinking tons of water is a good substitute. You can also try to stay away from soda/don’t buy it so it isn’t an option (same for energy drinks)

Dean Rose
Craving is not good. Divert your behaviour to something else entirely. Drink sparkling water! Breathe deeply and follow your loving breath.

Jorge Watkins
A really great substitute is sparkling water &/or real pure ginger beer occasionally. {ginger beer is non alcoholic} You can buy it or to make it at home you need real ginger , water, pure cane sugar/ or honey, cream of tartar.
Make sure the sparkling water is JUST water + natural flavors because some have other ingredients that aren’t the best.
Hope this helps!

Léane Fernandez
Typically I go with sparkling water or if zero-calorie vitamin water (unsweetened) if I'm in the gym. In other cases I go with Zevia (stevia based soda).

Guiseppe Denker
If i crave soda I will usually grab a bottle of water and add lemon in it. I always tell myself if I am craving that it usually makes me more thirsty and then I would wind up drinking more then I should have.
Sometimes when I am really craving it and I am out I will share it with my son. We will drink a little bit but have a glass of water next to it. Sometimes I feel you need just a taste full and know that that is good enough. Drinking lots of water we know is better and more helpful to our bodies so we keep that in mind

Kemal Hölzer
Try to find healthier alternatives that taste just as good but make sure that they don’t contain a lot of sugar or any artificial sweeteners.

Jill Payne
Kombucha! It's fizzy like soda although it has great benefits. It's a fermented drink so it does not contain a lot of sugar, and good for the belly as it's a probiotic. It's also caffeinated due to the black/green tea. Nowadays you can drink kombucha in many different flavours! For me it's great to drink if I crave a soda.

Naja Pedersen
I found that switching to sparking water was a good first step, and then eventually water. I also started drinking black coffee made using an Aeropress, for the caffeine.

Hugo Joly
Water is the best answer, but juice and milk work for me too. Or try infused or sparkling water if you don't like plain water.