What are your plans to make sure you eat a good healthy breakfast every morning?

Larry O.
Organize your food day before and make sure you actually enjoy the food and you have enough time to sort out the food 🙂
Deusete Z.
This is such a struggle. Today I'll make a smoothie with spinach, mango, protein, and Greek yogurt. I'd like to make this my morning habit.
Spiros G.
I don't overthink it. I have bought different types of food and whatever i see first when i wake up i take it and make breakfast
Shanna P.
Preparing ahead of time and the night before is key. I like a big green smoothie in the mornings with lots of veggies. Making sure I have what I need on hand and ready to go is essential to getting up and popping everything in the blender.
Emily W.
I am going to think about what I want for breakfast the night before. Then depending on what I want, I will wake up at the right time to be sure I have time to make it.
Danielle U.
I plan to ensure that I take the time to go and buy the things I need to have in order to eat breakfast. Aaaaand smoke a bit beforehand….. That'll definitely help.😊
Jenny F.
I plan what I'm going to have the night before and set up for success by laying out what I will need. It's important to have a clean "playing field"
Louise X.
I'm not at the moment. I usually skip breakfast so I am easing into it with regular sugary cereal, when those boxes are finished I will make healthier changes.
Logan S.
Always make sure that u have something good in your fridge. Personally for me it is: eggs, sometimes bacon, Greek yoghurt, fruits, milk, cottage cheese..
If I don't have time for breakfast, than I make Huel with frozen berries which makes perfect substitution for healthy breakfast.
Tara N.
I start by making sure I have good food in the house. Then, I wake up earlier than I used to in order to prepare the meal.
Mayelyn C.
I typically give myself an hour time frame for when I should eat. This way I have some flexibility in case I over sleep or have an early meeting. I also have the food items I need stocked and easily accessible, like coffee right at the front of the pantry or fruit right on top of the counter. I also honor my hunger which is usually low, so I prepare a small portion that is packed with protein to hold me over
Margot P.
I just try to make sure I have a balanced meal. For example, if I make myself an omelet I ask myself "what's an omelet?". Eggs and cheese, that's dairy and animal protein. After that I ask myself, "how do I balance that out?". Sometimes I make myself a small plate of oatmeal to have my cereal intake and put some roasted squash inside with the cheese to add veggies. You can also add beans on the side and put onions and chili in the egg to balance it out. There's so many options when you look for it and open you mind, it doesn't have to be expensive either. The only issue at first is time, but after a while you learn to cook multiple things at once. Boil the oatmeal's water while you cut the squash, scramble the eggs while you roast the squash and add milk to the oatmeal, and so on so you're more time-efficient.
Jennifer F.
In high school I got into the habit of eating breakfast every morning. I didn't have a lot of energy as a teenager and I found that eating breakfast everyday did help a lot. So I have been making sure that I eat breakfast everyday for years. I also love breakfast and sometimes even have it for dinner, so I always have plenty of breakfast foods in the house.
Helen Z.
Prepare it the night before. I have over night oats every day. It needs to be stored in the fridge overnight to make it work, so it’s ideal for making sure I have my breakfast each day.
Ema Z.
I actually only buy health foods and I stop eating earlier in the evenings so that when I first wake up I feel hungry and after doing my morning that makes me want to eat
Sabrina P.
I always keep healthy foods stocked and prepared for grab-n-go. Fruits rinsed and cute. Veggies rinsed and cut. Eggs. Essentials. Like oatmeal. Nuts. Etc.