Does eating before exercising work for you?

Nicolaus X.
Yes, that gives me more energy, i know some people thinks they burn more calories but I read that that is not true and you burn the same amount of calories, but eat before to exercise help me to do not feel dizzy
Angela Z.
Whenever I eat before exercise it makes me feel sick and my workout harder. I prefer to eat after or sometimes even a protein shake is fine.
Frida N.
Absolutely, I can be dizzy if I'm not eating before exercize especially in the morning. And my performance during workout wouldnt be maximum.
Amel O.
Yes, I eat before exercising to have energy, otherwise I faint in the middle of the work out. I eat protine and fruits, then I wait from 1h to 2h then i exercise, so the food i ate has produced energy.
Sherry C.
Actually yes I can exercise after having my breakfast and that’s because I try to keep my exercises simple… just dancing with my favourite songs or something like that to give me energy for the day…You know, My serious daily exercise is yoga which I do in the evening and that would be another reason for not taking that morning exercise so seriously…besides, I think exercising before having breakfast could make me dizzy because of low blood sugar and that’s why I don’t agree with it that much…
Catherine B.
If I was to eat before I exercise I would wait half an hour to allow food to process before doing any exercise. My recommendation would be to not eat exercise then wait half hour and it would be okay to eat at least that's how I would do it.
Diana W.
Personally, eating before exercising does not work for me. I have never tried this because I feel like I might vomit and I'm scared of vomiting.
Ankur F.
it doesn't seem right to have food before exercise but in case you have then it should be optimal to wait for 1 hr before indulging in exercise