What do you eat for breakfast during the week?

Paul Heinz Z.
Monday Wednesday Friday I eat a high protein breakfast.Like eggs peanut butter etc.Thurstday Tuesday and Saturday I eat oats.
Heinz Georg Q.
I eat a bowl of oats and 2 pieces of toast, either jam or penutbutter. I am adding more things in as I am trying to gain weight as well
Boluwatife T.
I always have bread and egg with sauce and sausage or cornflakes. For my drink I either just dring water or tea or orange juice.
Emilie A.
I'm a student and live in a dorm, so usually I eat vegetables, apples or peaches, cottage or smashed eggs for breakfast on the workdays, but at weekend I might eat pudding, white bread with cheese, vegetables, chocolate roll or yogurt without sugar.
Lauren X.
My go-to breakfasts:
A yogurt bowl with protein granola and frozen berries.
A bacon and fried egg bagel.
Poached eggs on toast.
Dena Q.
a breakfast burrito with egg, beans, beef, and cheese. i add things like avocado or tomato depending on my mood. i eat with water and tea.