What type of breakfast do you suggest?

Lance A.
I eat wholesome healthy options so it always contain a variety of greens/ leaves and a source of protein ( tofu, eggs,…) and might add avocado or bread depending on my mood.

Ellie F.
I LOVE smoothies! They are easy and healthy and you can literally adjust the recipes to fit any dietary needs or preferences. I like to make smoothies bags. You package you favorite ingredients to put in a smoothie into a ziplock bag and throw it in the freezer. That way, if your ever running late or need to make a quick breakfast, you just take out a bag and pop it’s in the blender. Smoothies are also easy to take on the go while eggs and toast aren’t. You can add protein powder if you need that early morning protein and don’t have time for meat or eggs. My favorite smoothies are ones that incorporate mango, pineapple, yogurt, honey, and orange juice. I also love pineapple, spinach, Greek yogurt and strawberries.

Aubin N.
Honestly it's hard for me to make breakfast, Id like to make eggs sometime but the cleanup stops me. I've been eating pb and js for breakfast and I am enjoying that for now.
Unfortunately, I'm taking a new medication and it doesn't work with acidic foods so that knocks out a lot of breakfast options.

Leo U.
Two eggs, seasoned but without salt or a bowl of low sugar, high protein granola with Skyr, a Scandinavian yogurt similar in consistency to Greek yogurt that is naturally low sugar, high in protein and excellent for digestion!

Josselino F.
Eggs Andy toast are super easy to make and can offer a lot of variety. Cook eggs a different way each time and switch up your toast toppings.

Pavel Y.
Eggs are the best breakfast. It has all you need to lead you through the work day. It's not heavy to feel "exosted" but it not too light breakfast to feel hungry.

Jeffery Z.
A balance meal consist of protein, fat, and carbs, it can be as simple as mixing power greens with almond milk with a teaspoon of brain octane oil/coconut oil in a blender, it only takes 3 mins and that fuels me for the whole morning! Eggs and avocado are nice for breakfast too!

Konstantin X.
In this period I'm on a diet. I suggest something light like yogurt and cornflakes. And, I suggest a second breakfast with fruits

Heidi J.
Avocado toast is great! A toasted slice of wheat bread, layered with sliced or mashed avocado, and an over-medium egg on top. Sprinkle with a little lemon pepper or, garlic and herb Mrs. Dash…it’s delicious!!

Dorit F.
To form a habit of eating breakfast, have plenty of options available. When I have time, I like to cook a piece or two of bacon, and then I put some toast down while I fry an egg or two in the bacon fat. It takes about 10-15 minutes and is a great start to your day. Inevitably, some mornings you just wont feel like cooking breakfast, or you might not have the time. For these instances, I have oranges, bananas, and apples available, as well as a couple dozen portioned bags of homemade trail mix. Finally, I have my choice meal replacement powder, Soylent. I am not affiliated with Soylent and am in no way suggesting that is the only option, but it contains all of the essential nutrients your body needs and contains only a modest amount of sugar. Huel is one of many other options with even less sugar, but I prefer Soylent for taste. While a meal replacement shake is certainly not my first choice every morning, they are hunger-satisfying and EXTREMELY convenient. I tend to use it as a last option if I don't have time to cook and I want something more substantial than fruit. A meal replacement powder is a good protective barrier to prevent yourself from resorting to fast food or other unhealthy options. So I have options whether I have 5 minutes or half an hour. I have options if I'm ravenously hungry or if I just need enough to sustain me until lunchtime. Make a plan beforehand, but be adaptable!

Jeppe P.
Something easy that holds well over time that you can prepare in bulk. I boiled a 6 pack of eggs at the beginning of the challenge which will last a week in the fridge. That way I don’t even have to think about prepping a meal, I just take it out of the fridge and go.

Cassandra U.
Sometimes, I eat oatmeal and fruits or cereals. But the type of the breakfast depends on my mood. If I am sad I would eat 'soow' (a Senegalese milk) with some fruits or cookies.
My breakfast is based on how I fell.

Herminia T.
I like to change it up every day. Sometimes I will make a smoothie with fruit and chia seeds, using dates blueberries, strawberries, dragon fruit or whatever I have on hand and the liquid will change up too. Sometimes I will eat steel cut oats and add nuts, or boil some eggs for those days when I need to get out of the house faster than normal. I believe changing up what you eat allows you to get different nutrients daily. Play around with what works for you.

You can also make chia pudding with fresh or frozen fruit to keep in the fridge. Experimentation keeps it interesting.

Ivan U.
Eggs and fried ham with toast. Orange juice. Oatmeal. Fruit salad. Acai bowls. Scrambled eggs. Toast, avocado and sunny side up with sriracha.

Craig E.
During the work week,If I have time (15mins or more), I’ll have some microwave porridge topped with nuts and honey. If I’m rushing, I grab a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter in a container and eat in the car. Keeps me full!

Ariane C.
Anything is better than nothing. I personally don't think about it beforehand. I just eat what's available at that moment. But I prefer light foods such as boiled eggs, dairy food, and fruits and veggies.

Joshua O.
I am finding making a large batch of oatmeal makes fulfilling the breakfast challenge manageable. I add whatever else I want in my oatmeal before or after I heat it up in the morning.

Anna Luise X.
I love poached eggs, spinach and smoked salmon. Sometimes I have scrambled eggs and a vegetable salad. Keep me full and stops me from snacking. Win win

Malthe P.
Something with Protein like eggs on muffin or bagel is good to keep hunger away. My goto breakfast is steel cut oats with slices banana. Variety keeps it interesting.

Beatriz F.
Smoothies with greens and protein and natural sweeteners are healthy, energizing and practical. For special days and with more time cooking something yummy like my toast with tomato, Parmesan and arugula alongside French toast with fresh fruit and honey will be good for your soul and not bad for your health. !!Cooking and eating should be joyful!

Carla E.
I always do a slice or two of meat for protein, and then a fruit! It gives me natural, healthy sugars and fills me at the same time.

Mathias Y.
I run and do a bit of gym work in the morning so I need carbs and protein. I start with a spoonful of local honey, then a bowl of muesli and cereal with a banana. Followed by 3 soft boiled eggs. I drink water and a cup of coffee.

Julien S.
Eggs are one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast, hard-boiled or cooked a variety of ways. They keep me full and energized until lunch and they are full of important nutrients. I try to get cage free and local eggs whenever I can. I also like and seeds for breakfast, nut butters, and meat like bacon or sausage. If I eat something like cereal or donuts, I am out of energy and starving by lunchtime.

Brian G.
Oatmeal, omlette or integral bread sandwich with salad, i always drink fresh orange juice with breakfast instead of coffee

Arnold J.
I usually have a shake with protein powder, oats, water, peanut butter and a single frozen banana. Easy, simple and delicious.

Selma P.
Something light and filling. I usually eat a yoghurt high in protein 9g some blueberries, banana and some protein powder. Or a breakfast with eggs

Judith W.
I am a strong supporter of dinner for breakfast. Whatever you would eat for a healthy lunch or dinner is a good breakfast in my book. If I want to stay full all day I'll eat maybe an apple and some chicken/veggies and rice. Or something like that. Sandwiches. Anything with a decent amount of protein and nothing too sweet. Dinner for breakfast but a much smaller portion than i would eat for dinner. It's sometimes hard to eat in the morning so I will sometimes cut the portion real small and just make sure there is some quality foods in there. Or I'll eat half and save the rest for when I actually get hungry a few hours from that time.

Denise Z.
In times of a rush i prefer plain yogurt with organic low sugar granola and 1/2 halved and sliced banana. When there is time i make protein pancakes which are whole grain, or scrambled/omlette eggs.

Bradley U.
I like a few different things. I always like scrambled eggs, an apple, and a few sausage links. Sometimes I’ll have yogurt parfaits with berries, and then other times I’ll have English muffins or other fresh fruit with it. Hope this helps!

Diane O.
If you have time, a breakfast smoothie is a really great choice. You can add any kind of milk, yogurt or even coconut water, and any fruits, protein powders or any other ingredients you want to use! Hope this helps you! xx

Jorge B.
Something easy with some protein… A hard boiled egg and a slice of cheese, or some lunch meat wrapped around a scoop of homemade egg salad? Something that's easy and quick and not full of sugar.

Asta U.
A 2-egg omelette with fillings like baby spinach or roasted mushrooms or both, cheese or bellpeppers. Pouched eggs since they’re healthier than a sunny side up.

Sofie B.
Something high in protein so you don't feel hungry again soon. This plus fruits or veggies is what I go for. While white rice keeps me full, pastries leave me tired shortly after.

Tammy Z.
The better breakfast is the one that gives you the enegry to go through the day. It shpulde filling but not heavy. I would go withow sugar yogurt or cottage for a protein boost, fruits for sweetness and vitamins, herbal tea for staying clean inside.

Evelyn O.
Eggs are a really good breakfast as they provide an abundance of protein and nutrients all in one. However, my typical breakfast is a chocolate or peaches and cream protein shake (premier protein brand), and toast with light butter. Another really delicious breakfast is having some yogurt ( it could be Greek but any kind works) with granola in it. I hope this helped! 😊 -Emma

Willie T.
Protein! I always love to some fried eggs. I’m also really into super nutritious smoothies. Also Greek yogurt with toppings (fruit, granola) is great! I always feel better with protein, avoid the gluten (even though it can be soo good!)

P Ris F.
Regular eggs ham, Turkey or bacon some toasts. Orange juice and yogurt. For me is easy use this cuz I can make them different ways and is easy to bye everywhere I usually go to ALDI. Cuz is ship and good. Jaja.
A shake can be a great way to.

Mary J.
It depends on your body and how it reacts to macro nutrients. I tend to feel sluggish with carbs so I go for protein packed breakfasts. Today was two boiled eggs, sausages, and potatoes

Austin X.
Well rounded breakfasts with all 3 food groups, fiber and omega-3 can be satisfying and nutritious. I don't really count calories. Instead, I choose to hold back on carb consumption.

I often eat low sugar Fage yogurt or Siggi's, or Icelandic, with fruit. Plain yogurt with honey mixed in (I prefer lavender honey) is terrific for the microbiome. Perfectly made soft boiled eggs are delicious and can be refrigerated for. Few days. Fruit in season, like berries right now, or peaches and plums mid to late summer, are delicious.

For other protein, smoked salmon or turkey sausage are also good. Eggs in all forms are great. I microwave sliced zucchini in olive oil and salt, then scramble them with 2 eggs. When more time, cherry tomato asparagus matchstick carrot mushroom frittatas are delicious. Or I eat leftover vegetables from last night's dinner.

Oatmeal is a favorite, savory with Italian EVOO, urfa biber, salt. Or typically sweet. In season reheat leftover winter squash. Another favorite is thinly sliced baguette toasted laid flat on a sheet pan at 200 to 250 degrees for about 10 minutes and spread with almond or cashew butter and homemade jam.

In a rush, just 2 boiled eggs out of the fridge, instant oatmeal microwaved with an egg mixed in, or yogurt.

Sara Q.
Plain yoghurt and oats or sugar-free granola (you can make it yourself with honey), tea (herbal tea if you're not into caffeine) or coffee. That really keeps you full and energetic until lunch. I recommend it 100%. Good luck!

Normano Z.
Definitely at least one duck egg… and some greens or other veggies or even a glass of tomato juice, some dairy like a bit of cheese or milk or yogurt, and some carbs like a waffle, toast or English muffin. Throw in a slice of precooked or turkey bacon if want too.

Aubin O.
Personally, I like classic breakfasts: steak, bacon, or sardines with eggs, or another favorite savory combo of mine: greek yogurt with a little olive oil and zataar seasoning. Really anything with eggs, at least 20g of protein, and no sugar. Sweet things set me up for all day sugar cravings and not enough protein leaves me hungry. And of course coffee or tea!

Sofia U.
Either bowl with nature yogurt (or milk), almonds, oat flakes, apple and cinnamon, or brown bread with avocado, hummus or jam with no added sugar. My favourites 🙂

Rhonda Q.
Poached eggs on toast are good! Filling, not full of sugar and keeps you on an even keel ‘til lunchtime. Seasoning them with herbs or chili flakes or just salt and pepper makes them even better

Benjamin Z.
Personally I would suggest finding something you really enjoy eating. It sounds simple and obvious, but it's not only important to choose a healthy, protein filled, keep-you-full breakfast, but also a breakfast you want to eat. Trying to will oneself into eating that oatmeal you can't stand or that insert here won't make the change permant. Instead opt for foods you know you like but a healthier version or take the time to find new things you enjoy. That being said I love smoked salmon on toast with capers and cucumber and dill. (Not everyone's favorite) If I'm in the mood for something sweet yet healthy oatmeal with honey and fruit,or an RX bar, or a homemade granola bar hits the spot.

Gregory Q.
The best breakfast I have found is stone cut oatmeal. I make enough for the week in my instant pot. It makes it a great consistency. I heat some up and serve it with seeds and fruit. If I am in the run I have hard boiled eggs in the fridge and will grab two with an apple.

Christy O.
For me the best option is a wholemeal pita bread with turkey ham and fresh cheese, or some avocado or some scrambled eggs, y vary between those so I don’t get bored!

Kely B.
I would suggest :
-staying away from nutella or similar stuff (for me, it "takes" away my motivation for some reason)

->you can eat Marmalade but try to find one with less sugar than the ususal ones(you can also do it at home, like I do)

-avoiding coffee as much as possible (coffee does wake you up but it also makes you more tired after a while)

->drink orange juice instead(it has a lot of vitamins)

– eat a lot of vegetables and fruits

-Chia seeds taste really good when you put them in fruit yogurt the night before

-If you want to eat eggs (in whatever form) don't use so much oil

-I personally also stay away from fluffy white bread because it makes me feel really unhealthy and I'd rather eat bread with seeds in it