Is it better to eat breakfast first thing when you wake up or after you’ve completed other parts of your routine?

Eni Z.
I like to exercice bit first. It helps me feeling fresh in the morning. After I did this one, I like to have a tasty breakfast, to reward myself:)
Alexandre Q.
It depends on type of exercise I choose (have time for). If I have an intense workout, I need a lot of energy so I need to eat breakfast first. Otherwise I like to eat it last, because my stomach needs some time to wake up.
Marilyn T.
When you wake up because you need to fuel your body with the necessary nutrients that will keep your body fuel for the rest of the day.
Mildred O.
In my opinion it’s better to eat breakfast after you have done your morning routine such as brushing your teeth, making your bed and taking a shower. It gives me a better mood if I have done other stuff before eating.
Marilyn P.
It depends on what time you wake. Your body must get used to eating at certain times to optimise digestion and elimination. But it's best if you wake early enough to do other mindfulness things before breakfast.
L Cia Q.
For me, it's better later. I'm not immediately hungry in the morning and I like to jump into other things to feel productive sooner. Helps keep me motivated for the rest of the day
Mirella O.
Sometimes it's the best choice I've ever made but Sometimes especially after I had a heavy meal the pervious night, I don't like doing it
Megan N.
It’s better for me to have my breakfast after I have done a certain morning routine. I enjoy having a nice breakfast after a great sweat from workout, take a shower, and then have a bottle of self-made detox juice along with my breakfast