What should I eat if I don’t really want to eat in the morning?

Giani Z.
Try to eat Something light or easy rather than nothing at all. I stock up on bananas. Breakfast seems harder to prepare when I don't feel like it. So at least I have a ready made healthy breakfast ready to go on the days I am going to find it trickier.
Grace Q.
I would start off with something small in order to gradually expose your body to its new eating habit. I would go for something light but energising, e.g- a slice of toast and a piece of fruit. Then try your best to eat heartier meals as time goes on.
Emilie Z.
I don’t think there will ever be a time I don’t want breakfast. I’m always hungry the moment I wake up – but, in the event I’m short on time, I think a breakfast smoothie would be a good replacement.
Moon B.
Maybe drink some water so your body can get used to “food” even though water isn’t really food but sometimes water can make you full. So when you wake up in the morning definitely drink some water and maybe that will get you in the mood for food and if not that’s okay! I don’t eat AS SOON AS I wake up, I drink water first! 🙂
Olga Y.
Aim for something light on a daily basis. Your body eventually adapt.
Fruits smoothie
Toast and avocado
Plain yogurt with chia seeds or flaxseed
1/2 cup of cottage cheese with tablespoon of a nut butter
Tonya C.
Not wanting to eat in the morning could have to do with what you had the night before. Spicy and acidic foods are likely to cause digestive issues if eaten within 3-4 hrs of lying down. Gravity is not your friend here! Waking up with a stomachache or sore throat can be an sign of acid reflux. It can also mean you're eating too close to bedtime. Digestion slows when we sleep. Sometimes we wake up with food still in our stomachs from the night before. This is the basic cause of morning-sickness but it applies to everyone. If you wake up feeling kinda icky, pay more attention to what and when you eat at night.

On the other hand, if you just wake up not hungry, you may simply be waking up with low blood sugar. That's perfectly normal since we typically go around 8 hrs without eating. Try something small with complex carbs to get your blood sugar up. Simple carbs like sugar will lead you to crash later. Once your appetite is piqued (usually within an hr), try having something substantial. The best breakfasts contain protein, fiber and fat. Portion sizes are relatively to your body.

Sajia Z.
You should eat fruits and bread. And one thing dont forget never miss your breakfast ever. Bcz its very bad for your health
Grace J.
Some yogurt, a handful of trail mix, a spoon of peanut butter, or a piece of fresh fruit. Even if you aren’t hungry in the morning, your body still needs nourishment.
Δωρα Παπαδοπουλου N.
You should firstly drink a glass of water and then you should try eat a banana Bc breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Rebecca J.
Start with some small and build up to something big. Have some fruit or a smoothie or a piece of toast. Force yourself to have a snack bar. You went a long time without food while you are sleeping, it will help give you energy to have a good day.
Mirza V.
Maybe drink some oat and put some fruits inside. Something like bananas or berries. Or maybe just eat a fresh fruits on the go like apples or pear.
Tamara O.
I just drink my chocolate milk. It give me energy as much as food give, I think. I feel full and energized with my favorite drink, chocolate milk.
Retaj N.
Try to look at sum pics of food or make something new or make small snack and try to not say no to your stomach let it be😭💨
Maurice Q.
Eating first thing in the morning can be challenging if you are not a person who feels hungry in the mornings. However, it is very important and healthy to eat in the mornings, therefor, finding something small that does not require any prep (or very minimal prep) is going to be the best way to overcome the feeling of not wanting to eat but knowing you should. Examples can include having some fruit, a granola bar, a piece of toast, or possibly even making a protein shake.
Shy E.
Breakfast doesn’t always need to be a big meal. It just is a way to feed your mind with energy to get the day going for you. If you’re not really hungry, eat a single apple or banana. If that’s not an option, munch on cereal with milk but not too little. Or you can has toast with butter on top. All these things are considered ‘breakfast’ so there’s no need to worry about having eggs, bacon, and pancakes every morning.