What are some good breakfast for eating with kids? I want them to have good balanced nutrition. What about keto and/or Paleo for kids? (Toddlers-teens)

Parvizinia N.
We do plain cherrios in the morning with bacon or eggs and fruit. I have studied nutrition and I find that most foods don't have the iron kids need and neither do their vitamins. Plain cherrios has 70 percent of daily recommendations. Unless your child needs to lose weight I wouldn't do keto just cut out sugars.

Judy O.
My kids usually have fruit, yogurt and done sort of cereal, or bread or croissant. Alternatively porridge with fruit is another good choice. Gives them plenty of energy for the morning.

Clara Y.
If what you are lloking for is a healthy and balance diet, don't focus in an specific type of diet, but base it in natural foods: fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. There's really nice plant based recipes that you can fins online.
From here add protein with eggs, fish or meat in smaller quantities.

Robin P.
I don’t know about keto or paleo but as for my children we eat eggs with whole grain toast, plain oatmeal with some fruit or plain yogurt with some fruit. Oh, and we add walnuts to the yogurt.

Susan B.
I have a modified Keto diet with non processed foods. Try a spinach & cheese omelet with bacon with a handful of blueberries or strawberries on the side. It's a great way to get some veggies, protein and feuits in!

Jen F.
I think yogurt with fruit and a bit of granola, scrambled eggs and veggie (my kid likes spinach!), pb toast with fruit, smoothies…

Lo C P.
I would recommend eggs. You can cook eggs in variety of ways and they provide a excellent source of protein. This simple food is a good start to a great day. Hope this helps!