What vegan choices I have if I have to reduce or avoid carbs ?

Johnny J.
Pumpkin seeds, edamame, broccoli, wild rice (it’s not really rice) and a good vegan protein powder even though their carbohydrates content is not low, you will need it 👍🏼
Kathy Q.
Many meal bars are vegan. Try looking at ingredients in Kind bars and other meal replacement bars. Also try smoothies made with fruits and veggies and water with protien powder.
Max G.
It's simple. There is no way to avoid carbs since everything organic (natural? Is from carbohydrates. You should avoid simple sugars (sacharose, glucose, fructose)
Harper B.
Whole grain carbs are good for you. Especially in a vegan diet. You can't avoid carbs in a vegan diet. If you want to reduce your carbs, focus on fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy fats. Tofu and meat substitutes are great as well.
Amaury F.
Avocado, unsalted nuts, peanut butter and oil are some delicious, healthy fats! But remember to only reduce your carb intake if your docror has told you to, if not there is no reason 🙏🏼❤️
Ang Le Y.
Good question! There’s lots of protein-rich options for vegans. I like to eat cold (but already cooked!) chickpeas, edamame and broccoli. Overtime I got addicted to how good it makes my body feel, and now enjoy the taste. There’s still carrots and hummus, the carrots being a great replacement for crackers!
Arnulf E.
Homemade granola with dairy-free yogurt. By making your granola you control how many carbs. For yogurt I recommend Kite Hill Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt.
Adrize O.
I don't know about vegan, I'm doing keto eating, low carb hi fat and protein. It's been pretty easy so far, I just started about a week ago. Lots of recipes out there. I've joined a fb group called keto now for life. It's great support.
Christine Z.
I make a really simple bean chilli with a little chopped sweet potato, red peppers, kidney beans, butter beans, cannelonni- any combination is fine; tinned tomatoes and one can of coconut milk, some fresh chopped coriander and chilli according to your taste – it's cheap, really fast and easy; you can't go wrong
Tessa E.
Hi, sorry, I can't answer this question as I am not vegan. Perhaps try looking at some online forums for vegans? Good luck!
Bento F.
Mostly fruits and vegetables, plus beans, nuts and various milk alternatives. And fake meat I guess. (Pretty sure those all contain carbs but virtually everything does – I’m assuming you’re looking to reduce simple or refined carbs.) Tip: look for recipes from cultures that are mostly vegan or vegetarian – the best stuff is always the stuff that’s been perfected over generations. And take out the rice/pasta/potatoes from recipes and replace it with veggies.
Leana Y.
Blomkålsris med linsbiffar och ugnsbakade tomater och hela vitlökar som mixas med olivolja och basilika till en sås. Hummus och lite grönsallad till.

Eller pumpasoppa med ingefära som toppas med hackade jordnötter blandat med lime , chili och färsk koriander. Bröd med olivolja till.

Hermelinda Q.
Tofu is an excellent alternative protein, versatile and a favourite with health eating fans. Loads of recipes on the Internet and restaurants are getting better at it especially Far Eastern cuisines.
Nellie T.
Reducing carbs as a vegan is challenging for many reason and should probadly be avoided due toe the already reduced protein intake. Total engery intake is important. If you insist on reducing your carbs. Focus on tofu as an eegg replacement, nut and beans. You could look in India and Nepali food and skip the rice and chapatti.
Lena O.
If you want to reduce carbs, the main thing to eat less of is grains (bread, rice, cereal) and sugar, especially refined versions (white is worse than whole grain). You may also want to avoid potatoes.
Pretty much all whole fruits and vegetables(avoid juice) are low carb enough, although some are more than others. You can also eat nuts, and replace grains with nut flour based breads. To replace sugar, you can use plant based sweeteners like stevia or coconut sugar. Avoid sweet drinks and go for tea, water, or coffee instead.
Terra J.
Meat alternatives such as soy-based replacements, seitan, tempeh, and even mushrooms can be used and they are low in carbohydrates. I would also recommend spinach, which has protein, and any bean or legume. Beans do have carbohydrates, but they also have a lot of fiber. I recommend experimenting with the options in the vegan section in your grocery store (most large stores have that now). You can also find meat alternatives in the frozen aisle.