Any tips on actually finishing your breakfast?

Michaele Z.
Wake up earlier than usual, take time to plan your breakfast (~10mins) then start making it, it would have to be a complicated but a simple meal is good enough. For example make egg sandwich and drink a coffee or tea to start your day. Eventually you'll find yourself finishing a breakfast just as easy as that!

Alexandra Z.
Waking up a bit earlier (10 minutes or so) and finding something to watch or listen to (a video/podcast). Also drinking a beverage like coffee, tea, freshly squeezed juice or even just water.

Paige Z.
If it is a timing issue, maybe getting up earlier will help and will also help you feel refreshed and ready for the day. If it is simply not wanting to finish it because of eating disorders or something like that, then I would suggest to start small. I have never had an eating disorder myself but I have seen what it can do to you. When you are eating just remember that any weight you gain is good because it keeps you alive and it keeps you energised and happy. It is important to not think about it too much, don’t think you have to eat everything imaginable that could be breakfast related, and don’t think you can’t eat anything because you may gain some weight. Basically, go at your own pace, it is important to eat but don’t think you have to eat a lot. For example it could just be a simples breakfast bar and that is enough. Eventually you can build it up to some cereal and maybe even eventually a bacon sandwich. 😂