What are your favorite healthy breakfast options?

Madison N.
I like to start with eggs, nuts, honey, beans, cheese, jam, basically anything that makes me feel energetic through the day and also tastes good, after breakfast, I like to have fruits as a snack

Klara U.
Perhaps a toast with avocado and egg, or a delicious smoothie with fruits and berries. The good thing about smoothies is that you can put whatever you like in it and it’ll probably taste good! And don’t forget to drink something.

Pri F.
I am from India so there are a lot of light breakfast options like poha , idli , porridge. Apart from that Quinoa , muesli with banana shake and oats are also a good option.

Pham C.
My country is in ASEA. I wish people can suggest me some Asian healthy fast prepared breakfasts. I can't easily prepare breakfast as suggestion of the app because it's expensive for me.

B Ra H.
I am a Turkish woman and one of the things that make me happy about being born in Turkish culture is our breakfast. Turkish breakfast is really a healthy and fulfilling. It contains eggs, olives, cheese, butter, bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, jams, honey, spread and so on. For everyday breakfast, I usually eat two soft boiled eggs with mustard, some olives, a little bit of cheese and bread with unsweetened hazelnut cream.

Claudia T.
My favorite healthy breakfast options are : Fruits, eggs, sometimes sauted vegetables, beans, avocado, whole grain bread, oatmeal, sugar free lemonade and coffee !

Karla W.
apples, cereal with full grains and milk, because they are easy and fast te get: you just take your milk in the plate, maybe warm it in the microwave and choose your amount of cereal. the apple just needs some washing. also I really like pasta with something I found in my fridge 😂