How late is too late for breakfast ?

Manuel Q.
You should eat your breakfast earlier in the morning. Between 6am – 9am. The earlier your body gains fuel, the earlier you can get moving. Eating breakfast at noon is simply eating breakfast foods for lunch. It defeats the entire purpose of eating breakfast. In closing, anything past 11pm is too late for breakfast.
Farhan N.
I think it’s depend on when you wake up at Morning. For example i wake up at 5 o’clock so for me breakfast time is 6 o’clock. After 10 o’clock its too late for breakfast
Giulia R.
For me is important to have the HABIT to have breakfast, so even if I wake up superlate and it's lunchtime already I force myself to have "the idea of breakfast": a single nut or a spoon of yogurt, something that I would have had in a bigger portion if I wasn't lazy (ok, fine, everybody needs to chill here and there, as soon as it's not more that 2-3 times per year ok). After the "breakfast" i put some music, have a shower and then have the actual lunch, I try to keep the things at the normal time. This doesn't stress me out because I can mark the "breakfast" as "done" (mentally) and trick my brain I am stick to a routine. It really really helps coping with anxiety.
Bridget J.
I think it depends on what time you wake up and go to bed. Within two hours of waking up is a good time frame to eat a healthy breakfast.
Ella C.
With my schedule I have a short amount of time to make breakfast happen in the morning. I don’t have a great answer as to how late is too late for breakfast. Eat when you are hungry, choose a whole-food plant based breakfast because it provides the most energy.
Rachel T.
I don’t think there is a specific time to have breakfast. I’m typically not hungry when I first wake up so I usually wait a couple hours before I eat something. I also think people should be aware of the time others start their as some people work night shifts so they will be waking up later and therefore having breakfast at a later time in the day. And breakfast in literal terms is breaking your fast. Not a meal you have a certain time of day.
Hazel O.
It’s generally important to eat within an hour of waking as you have just had a long time without food and your body needs fuel as well as to kick start your metabolism.
Tiffany P.
I just consider breakfast my first meal after I wake up! It gets pretty iffy after 2 pm though. So I’d keep it before noon if possible
Eileen Z.
I believe the body is very adaptive and powerful. To such an extent that people from all walks of life that are able to get close to mastering themselves, are able to achieve feats that are thought to be impossible. Im a believer that the biology and biom of every person differs slightly, and that slightness causes people to have different diets and feed timelimes that would be optimal to one whereas not so much for the other. So the time I break my fast is either late morning or in the afternoon, I feel like im more clear, clean and more efficient operating off of my morning Supplements with water rather than eating a full meal in the morning

For me, to late for breakfast is when getting close to bed time, because its not good for the body to have to digest food while laying down. The body has to start using double or maybe more energy than when on an empty stomach and sleeping

Philip U.
Within 2 hours of waking up, however within the first hour is better in my opinion if you’re going to be weight-training or cardio workout… if doing yoga it’s probably better to eat afterwards instead….
Emma P.
9:30am, I think getting up early every morning and making sure you get that protein in early sets you up for the rest of the day 😁
Kayla F.
I eat breakfast sometimes not all the time when i do eat breakfast it’s around 1:00pm and yes i know it’s around lunchtime but 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m trying to do better
Jano O.
I believe that a person should eat breakfast between 30mns. And 1 and a half hour after waking up since it's enough time to cook a healthy and thoughtful meal and gives your stomach a chance to wake up and hungry up!
C I.
10AM. You don't want the rest of your meals to be affected by breakfast. Earlier breakfast also means more energy for a larger part of the day.
Phyllis U.
Usually I eat breakfast half an hour after I wake up, but I'd say maybe after 12pm it starts to be more like a lunch, in that case i recommend eating for example half an apple or a small cookie so your stomach isn't empty for too long and then have lunch.
Hope I helped, sorry if my English is bad eheh
Terrance Y.
I’m thinking anytime after 10:30am is too late. Only because lunch is 2 hours later which a late breakfast would affect.
Lisa A.
I like to eat within an hour of getting up. I need to eat before exercising. I should eat a little sooner after getting up, but sometimes I’m impatient to start in my routines. Then I drink my water before making breakfast.
Letitia E.
The time of breakfast should correspond with the time you wake up. Within the hour of waking up would be a good time to eat breakfast. As long as you are not sleeping in super late or waking super early.
Suzanne A.
I would say there's no such thing since it depends on your sleep/work schedule. Generally though, you should eat no later than 90 minutes after you wake up, even though many feel it should be within an hour.
Brittany Z.
Approx 1 hour after getting up, take time to potter and prepare the ceremony of breakfast, ensure the food is tasty and dont rush.
C Lestin Q.
Having too late for breakfast can cause adverse effects on our mental and physical state of our body. Making this a habit day by day can lead to serious health problems, from minor irregularities in our digestive system to more serious ones, concerning our mental health. As the saying goes, "If you treat your body well, it will treat you well. If you abuse it, you'll lose it. 👍👍
Ash Z.
Well, breakfast is just your first meal of the day so any time can be breakfast time if it's when you're eating for the first time that day!
I tend to stick to 12:30 being too late, as that's when it's lunch time!
Ava Y.
I think I would gauge it based on how long until you plan to eat lunch. Ifnyoure going to eat lunch in less than 2 hours, I might skip breakfast unless I was really hungry, the maybe a snack to hold me over would be ok. I would just try to eat breakfast early in the day though. I start work at 9, so before 9 and probably before 8.
Marian C.
Well it depends, how early do you wake up?

If you wake up at 4(like me) the earliest to eat wiuld be at 430 and the latest at 9 o'clock. Calculate your hours between 3 or 4 hours in between every meal before you go to bed(and about 3 hours before you go to sleep)

Anthony O.
To me, breakfast is whenever you wake up. The idea of the breakfast is to get you energy into your body as soon as possible! Whether it’s 7am or 1pm. In my humble opinion of course l.