What do you do if you feel sick just thinking about eating breakfast at 4:30 a.m. (this is when I have to get up for work)? It’s just too early, my stomach can’t process food so early…

Sezen B.
It happened to me! I suggest you to prepare yourself a take away breakfast to carry around with you. When I had to do that it worked really well because it gave me a chance to eat my breakfast when I feel I can, besides I was not skipping my breakfast which helped to boost my energy for the work! Also, if you are not available to take your breakfast with you, you can go for the recipe options that makes you hungry!
Josefina Z.
There is no need to make your stomach full. Eat fruit salad or some eggs and that’s will be enough. And don’t forget about water of course! Good luck!
Mathieu W.
this is too early because I usually wake up at 8.00am and after I have my breakfast I feel energised so I will never wake up at 4.30am to eat breakfast
Ditmar U.
Then just drink a lot of water, or have a fruit like watermelon that's mostly water. Just because you're getting up that early doesn't mean you have to eat right then. Just make sure to drink at least 2 to 3 glasses of water.
Clara W.
In my opinions you should eat when you feel like it. So if you’re sick at 4:30 than make a break at 7 and eat something:)
Mary F.
Well I am no professional but maybe sleep at 8:00pm with no heavy meals or exercise alot or change your breakfast into something more delicious
Stefania R.
I am just wondering here. Please ask your doctor first. Did you think about fasting? Maybe skipping the dinner can help (i don't know a lot about it, but I think that if it's too hard you can drink broth). Plus if you want to sleep enough, the bed time would be at 8:30 PM (I know the hours you need to sleep are subjective and it has to be tested individually – for example I need 7:30 hours – so I am just throwing an hypothesis), so having dinner too near the sleep hour is a problem to sleep and even digest; again please ask your doctor first. I hope I could help
Lucas C.
In the morning even if i’m not hungry i always have breakfast,at first i even had nausea but now i’m ok with eating breakfast early even if my stomach doesn’t ask for it,i’m sure it’s gonna ask for it when i can’t have breakfast so i’ll give it food before ahaha
Diane U.
My suggestion would be to as you wake up in the morning try drinking a glass of water. This could boost your digestive system to feel like eating something for breakfast. Try eating something tasty but light on the stomach. Then you could compensate with a bite to eat on the first available break while on the job.
Soila C.
You can have a small breakfast of mixed nuts and a fruit shake of your choice. I used to feel like this but as we make it a habit , i think the nausea will get better. Try to have a small dinner before sleeping so you dont feel full when you wake up. These are just my opinions.