Do you tend to make or assemble your meal in the morning or do you make it the night before?

No Lie Y.
It depends on the day. If I’m gonna have more time in the morning, I like to do it then so everything is as fresh as possible. But if I’m gonna feel rushed, I will make it ahead of time. I also like to bulk prep certain foods like quinoa and chicken to assembly meals from instead of individually made meal prep containers. That way I can use the different pre-made ingredients to make meals I actually want to eat that day.
Edmundo C.
A bit of both, really. I usually have poached or boiled eggs with rice cakes and some cheese. So I'll boil/poach the eggs at the beginning of the week, then just assemble everything each morning. It's quick, takes two minutes.
Diane S.
I assemble what is needed to prepare the breakfast, such as plates, cutlery, cups of water/coffee, and the stove and pans to cook eggs or baked beans. All with fruit on the side.
Nathan O.
Six of one, half a dozen the other. I’m working on re-engineering my routines and am seeking apps that might help in this regard.
Jeremiah E.
I prefer making meals in the morning. The fresher the meal the healthier option it is. Its okay if you dont have any time, just grab a fruit and some nuts and off you go. But if you have enough time in the morning I suggest you to make a intagram breakfast, it’ll make you feel good. Or make a whole bunch of granola bars and grab on the morning, although i would prefer homemade.
Auguste O.
I'm really liberal about what I consider a meal, since I didn't used to eat breakfast at all and am generally not hungry in the morning. Sometimes it's just a banana, sometimes it's oatmeal. I don't make stuff the night before, but I do try to imagine what I'm going to eat the next day, as a sort of reminder the night before so I don't waste time digging around.
Duane Z.
I make my meals ahead of time, usually on the weekend, so that in the morning all I have to do is heat it up. It saves a lot of time in the morning and makes it easier. On the weekends I’ll make large batches of whatever meal and then put portions in the freezer. That way I can mix it up from day to day and feel good about what I’m eating.
Gladys F.
I make my whole grain toast with almond butter in the morning, but if we are going to have eggs I boil them ahead of time.
Byron C.
Usually in the morning. For me, the key to not skipping breakfast is to eat something I really want, even if it is leftovers from last night’s dinner! Once I figure that out, I set aside a few minutes to enjoy. When I think I don’t have time I tell myself “if I make time for (work, client, school,even my car!), I can make time for myself.
Magnus E.
I tend to cook my breakfast fresh every morning but if time is limited then some overnight oats, prepped the night before, are a great option and tasty too (see Joe Wicks recipes for inspiration).
Isaac E.
Ok the morning I rarely have time to make a good breakfast for myself so, sometimes I will make it prior or make it ok the spot.
Mason Z.
I try to make breakfast (oats, with chopped fruit and flaxmeal) the night before. I find that it helps me to make a healthy decision first thing in the morning when I might otherwise reach for something quicker and less nourishing. Same goes for the packed lunches for the kids.
April P.
I tend to go for a simple light breakfast, like fruit & greek yoghurt, a boiled egg and a piece of toast or porridge with fruit, so it's ready to go in 5 mins or less. This means I can make it in the morning the only exception is if I'm using frozen fruit to go with yoghurt or porridge and then I'll get them out to defrost the night before.
Timothe E.
It depends, but most of the time I prepare a very simple and healthy breakfast such as an oatmeal with a cup of coffee.
Rosalie O.
I meal prep my breakfast, lunch, and snack at the beginning of the week, usually on Sundays. I cook enough for the whole week, then immediately divide it into equal portion containers and put them in the fridge.
I get too stressed during the week to cook, and am more likely make poor nutritional choices if something wasn't readily available. Also, I have a history of over indulging, so preportioning doesn't help me kick the habit, but doesn't allow me to binge.
Lloyd C.
It depends on what I plan on having and what my schedule looks like. I also treat myself to a healthy coffee shop wrap for breakfast once a week or so.
Ibrahim R.
If I pack my lunch for work, I generally prepare most of it the night before. If I plan to take leftovers I put those in one serving dishes so I can just grab them. For breakfast, I eat something quick that is made in the morning.
Imre J.
I Whip up breakfast foods of my choice in bulk during the weekend and store them for the week ahead.. to save time in the morning..
V Nio Y.
I try really hard to prep all my lunches on Sunday, and snacks when possible. So I can just toss everything in my lunch bag and go in the morning. It also helps me log and be more mindful of my eating.
Mia O.
I do make my breakfast in the morning before I leave for work. I'm not always hungry first thing in the morning, so I will sometimes pack my breakfast and take it work with me.
Katrine B.
I usually decide what i want to eat in the morning. A lot of time i dont make it myself but get it at a cafe. Living in between multiple cities makes it harder to keep a routine for food.
Rebecca X.
I enjoy meal prepping on sundays actually to be set for most of the week but if I can’t get that done, either one will work fine depending on the type of mood I’m in!
Maya Z.
Depends. If I have to get up early, anytime before 6am, I will prep the night before. Over night oats are super easy and quick in the mornings. It's also easy to just toss in a blender with some extra almond milk or juice to drink it on my way to work. But if I have the extra time in the morning, I will make a proper breakfast that morning.
Jackie F.
It depends on the type of lunch I bring to work; I prepare salads or a cooked meal the evening before, but prepare sandwiches or snacks (like fruit and veggies) in the morning.
Diana O.
I like to make my breakfast in the morning because then it'll have the freshest quality, and so it will taste the best. But the night/evening before I buy the ingredients and assemble them on my kitchen counter, so that everything's ready the morning I get up.
Fiona Q.
I usually make my meal in teh morning, but sometimes if i was running late I would grab something that had been already prepared the night before
Beth Z.
The day of. It’s fresher that way or I eat left overs which are always delicious. But I don’t eat three meals a day. Though it doesn’t make sense to me, I do Intermittent Fasting. I have Thyroid Disease and have always been slender then I blew up overnight like a balloon in the Macy’s Parade. Intermittent Fasting is so counter intuitive but it works so I eat my first meal really late and my last one really early and have an apple or yogurt in between the two. Very slowly it’s working. The weight is coming off. Good luck.
Alessio U.
Depends on thr prep time. If it is more than ten minites or it is something I have to cook the night before. Ten minutes or less and no cooking then the morning of.
Nina O.
My breakfast is prepared in the morning . I like this meal to be hot and fresh. Plus it gives me time to fully awake, and think.
Eckhard E.
I will always make my breakfast in the morning. Although, if I have a hard start to my work day I will often forego breakfast and feel really guilty about it… but when I have time, I really enjoy preparing it in the morning with music or the radio. I need to give myself time in the morning to make space for this as an enjoyable activity.
Erica N.
I tend to make it in the morning, but I ensure that I have everything ready to go so it is quick to make when I wake up!
Camille T.
It depends on what I’m eating. I have boiled eggs prepared for the week and can grab one and go if needed. Otherwise, I like the experience of making breakfast in the morning with my roommates.
Qu Snia F.
I make breakfast the morning itself, but it’s usually something very easy and quick, like eggs and sausages. I also have cold brew delivered monthly, so it’s easier to get my coffee fix without being tedious about it.
Sebastian U.
In the morning, I make a quick bowl of microwave oats or eat some cereal. (Also, I live in a dorm so it’s not like I can prep something elaborate).
Storm E.
For quite a while I would make packed lunches the night before so I don't rush in the morning and forget other things. It was very effective that way. Now due to different work schedule, I simply plan ahead on a saturday what I will eat each day and make both my lunch and dinner (so I can dinner to work) before lunch time. Sometimes I would use a slow cooker, put it on in the morning and it's done by the time it's lunch time 🙂 if anyone struggles for time in the mornings, I would recommend prepping it the night before
Daryl O.
In the morning. I eat oatmeal as breakfast, so I need only 5 minutes to prepare it. Also, if I make it the night before, it would be not so delicious.
Niklas B.
I will do it on the morning before going to school. If not I will prepare it on night and make some fasting then eat it at school
Yvonne G.
I like to make my breakfast the night before, especially on weekdays. It saves lots of time in the mornings, and it can easily be just as good as a breakfast you make that morning. I love overnight oats. They’re easy because you simply soak them in a jar with some fruit or nuts and milk overnight, and they’re delicious and ready to go the next morning.
Nicholas C.
Usually in the morning. I do make a big batch of steel cut oats most weekends, so all I need to do some days is reheat that. Other days, I make eggs and toast.
Renato B.
i don't think about food at all before sleep, i do not like to do it. i am filly busy enough to work before go to bed with tired body and mind. just want to sleep soundly and refreash myself for the next day. i don't think preparing breakfast in the night before is not suitable actually.
Claude F.
Some ingredients I assemble the weekend before, e.g. chop up lettuce, season meat. On the night before, I portion out my side salad and put it in my lunch container. On the morning of, I cook the meat (usually sear chicken breast), and drop it in my lunch container.
Magnus Z.
In the morning. I eat muesli with berries or fruit, so it takes like one minute to throw the stuff in a bowl. And I have to wait for my spouse to cook their breakfast so it doesn't really help much even if I prepared my muesli in the evening.
Zachary S.
My mornings demand different things of me depending on my schedule. If it’s going be extra challenging I make a plan the night before. Otherwise, I enjoy the flow of a slower morning. It also forces me to reflect and look ahead at night, which is another habit I worked on cultivating in the Fab app.
Gretl U.
I make mine in the morning in the warmer, lighter months, just scramble an egg in a bowl in the microwave, and toast something whole-grain to eat it on. In the winter I prepare a bowl of porridge the night before, readying to be zapped in the microwave in the morning.
Deanna T.
I prepare some ingredients the night before. And think about my tomorrow morning meal in the supermarket. I buy fruits, milk, granola, nuts etc.
Xavier P.
I make it in the morning, unless I must cook something, then I will make it the night before and heat up in the morning.
Daphn Z.
I make my breakfast in the morning. Many times I decide what to eat on the fly. Sometimes I do think about what I’m going to eat for breakfast. I’m sure if I thought more about it & planned- I would eat better. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow by planning my breakfast tonight.
Hildegardo P.
I assemble my meal the night before and in the mornin. Parts of my meal taste better prepared in the morning and so that is done in the morning. To save time in the morning I prepare what can be done at night.
Krin Z.
I currently use Huel, which means it takes about 2 minutes to make my meals. (Which I use for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.)
Loretta F.
I have been assembling in the morning. If i were to make overnight oats that would be an option. What i would like to do is make a lunch before bed.
Ulla X.
I always make it in the morning just so that I don’t forget anything and I wake up and making it in the morning wakes me up.
Id Lio A.
Always preparing breakfast in the morning. It's like meditation: you take the milk out of the fridge, you take the sausepan and then porridge, raisins, nuts.. slow process, but that's how I wake up.
Marco Q.
i’ll almost always scrounge together a late breakfast because it takes me so long to build an appetite but i’d like to get more into meal prepping so i have something already prepared to look forward to!
Lucie S.
I generally put my breakfast together in the morning: either a quick protein powder drink or a apple, banana, cardamom w/ a vanilla soy breakfast drink during the week … OR a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with fruit, or hard boiled egg w/ fresh squeezed orange juice on weekends.
Apolline Q.
I belong to an Indian household. We tend to make preps for food a session earlier. Like lunch prep is done in morning. Dinner is mostly leftovers of lunch. Breakfast is cooked fresh in morning, but arrangements are made a night before itself. Doing this ensures a fresh start in morning without a lot of hassle of cooking and prepping.
Sammy C.
It depends on what I plan on having. If it makes sense I prep ahead sometimes for more than one day. I think having the same meal most days takes a lot of work out of planning and keeps the grocery bill down. Sometimes too many choices make life more difficult
Hans Q.
I can’t make the right things if I don’t have the ingredients I need – so grocery shopping on the weekend or arranging for meal prep delivery a few days in advance helps. That being said, there’s a couple easy options.
1. Scramble a couple of eggs
2. Greek yogurt with berries
3. Chia pudding (made the night before)
4. A protein shake
Jane E.
I make my meals in the morning but I have a lot of extra time to do this. A good option is overnight oats because you can put it in the fridge the night before and it’s ready to go in the morning
Laur Nio Q.
I will often make steel cut oats on a Sunday. I’ll add cut pieces of apple, raisins and dried cranberries. Sometimes cinnamon is added too. I tend to cook the oats in milk instead of water for a creamier texture. Placed into individual containers means I can portion control and leave in my fridge at work. No excuses.