What are some quick and easy hot breakfasts that you enjoy?

Joachim T.
My hot breakfasts are always on the go so I like to microwave turkey sausage crumbles with egg whites in a small cup. I then put an English muffin in the toaster for an easy egg sandwich.
Sergei F.
If I am looking for something sweet, then oatmeal cooked with water and cinnamon a bit of almond milk and diced banana. If I want something salty than an arepa filled with eggs or leftover chicken or whatever protein in the fridge.
Tilman G.
A quick breakfast: pancakes, fruit and nuts or almonds. Boiled eggs, toast and fruit. Cottage cheese, nuts and fruit. Green juice and a sandwich. Milk oats, almonds and fruit. Protein smoothie (protein powder + banana + oats).
Helma Q.
I've always loved eggs in any form. I'll usually make myself an egg sandwich with as many veggies as I can find in the fridge (I also love vegetables). I also love toast with jam or peanut butter or avocado. I'm not really a breakfast person, it's hard for me to eat early. Lately I've just been making myself a smoothie. It's easier to deal with early in the morning.
Imaculada F.
I pay a nutrologist to made me a health diet. Did a blood test to know what i need. So my morning rotine begins with, when i wake up, drink 500 ml of water with half limon, more 5 drops of propolis, more 5g of glutamin and 1 capsule of betaalanine (this for 2 months). My easy hot breakfast consist in 2 soap spoons of tapioca with 2 eggs and 1 egg white with cinnamon powder and banana stuffing. Three times a week i drink, in breakfast, green juice detox. This drink consist in a pre made base:
– 1 packet of cabbage;
– 1 cup mint;
– 1 cup of parsley;
– 1 ginger coin;
– water.
mix everything and put it in ice. when i need use some with some options like ginger coin more kiwi or 4 slices of pineapple.
Tiffany W.
Steel cut oats with almond milk, a tiny bit of maple syrup, and fruit. It only takes 15 minutes and is easy on my stomach.
Tobias E.
Enjoy half a bagel toasted with avacado, cheese and egg. Or create your own oatmeal with steel cut oats and cinnamon with almond milk and berries!
Beth E.
i make this spinach omelette by scrambling 2 eggs, chopping up some onion, cooking some spinach, and adding a slice of cheese. you first put some cooking oil in the pan your using, then put the onions in first, once those start cooking put the spinach in, once that’s cooked put the 2 scrambled eggs in, once the eggs are cooked turn off your stove and with the omelette still in the pan and on top of the stove, put in one slice of cheese and mix it until melted then it’s all done.
Jade T.
Homemade overnight oats mixed with all the good stuff in a mason jar — flax, chia, oats, favorite nuts (shaved almonds or walnuts), toss in cacao nibs or a vegan protein powder with your dairy or non-dairy liquid. Enjoy on the go cold or microwave for warm and sustaining healthy meal. Another twist, add a spoonful of Greek Yogurt or a fruit or two.
Ursula J.
At the moment, I'm not eating hot food when I wake up (I enjoy a chilled breakfast the summertime) but when I do, I often have OATS with a BANANA or EGGS, TOMATOES and BACON with the fat cut off. At weekends, I'll maybe have LOW CARB WHOLEMEAL TOAST with NO SUGAR PEANUT BUTTER.
Jared A.
I like eggs and toast as a quick hot breakfast. There are so many ways to do them that it’s hard to get tired of them. Same with oatmeal and many different fruits. But, it’s so hot here, I like to mix Greek yogurt with fruit these days to cool down!
Beverly B.
Quick oats – not the individually packaged flavored kind. Only 3 minutes in microwave with walnuts for additional protein and fresh berries

A couple of eggs stirred in a bowl with turmeric parsley dill whatever and microwaved 2 – 3 minutes.

R My O.
Old-fashioned oats with fruit. A fried egg on avocado toast. This South Beach diet thing where you put eggs and spinach and cheese in a cup and bake it. I’m also going to make a frittata.
Corey F.
I like to have warm oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut butter and a whole banana. It only takes a few minutes to make, it tastes amazing and it keeps me full and energized much longer than just a banana or an oat bar.
Liane X.
I prefer porridge with a little salt/sweetner and a small piece of butter. If i have some fresh fruit in the house i add them also, if not a teaspoon of chia seeds.
Porridge is a good alrounder in my opinion, you can have it plain or jazzed up. Make it quick or take your time.
If time is short you can put it in a pot and take it to work.
Emmie C.
I enjoy fried eggs, milk and cereal, sometimes soup, a fresh sandwich did in The sandwich maker. I hope this answer will help you.
Amelia J.
I use to eat a hot porridge made with plant based milk (cause I am vegan, you can use normal milk if you like). To that I add some nuts and seeds for proteins and some low sugar fruits for an energy kick.
Elisa Q.
I make sure to keep instant oatmeal and eggs on hand at all time– both 5-10 minutes to prepare and decently filling. If I'm eating oatmeal, I add yogurt or peanut butter (either mixed in or on the side) because I find I need more protein than any grain by itself will give me.
Lila C.
I am on the road every day so I am definitely limited. I find I can get eggs — & since I'm on a diet which doesn't include breads or sugar but does allow meat — I will add bacon & as many veggies available to my order. Sometimes I will opt to go to a supermarket where fruit & yogurt are often my choice. Even a convenient store offers yogurt & I love string cheese. Again, I would tell you more creative options if I was afforded the luxury of my own kitchen, equipped w/ it's amenities.
Vicki T.
I always need to have protein in my breakfast. Usually I prefer it in the form of eggs. Most mornings my breakfast consists of eggs wirh some combination of breakfast meat or veggies or sometimes just some sauteed onions. Coffee is usually the drink of choice.
Sieglinde F.
I never have hot breakfast but when I do, scrambled eggs with kale and mushrooms, side of avocado and some sautéed potatoes…my favorite.
Leah U.
Hot oatmeal with almond milk and berries. I use frozen berries, but add them to the oatmeal when there is 30 sec left in the microwave. I like oatmeal with flax seed.
Nathana L Y.
Eggs and wheat or rye toast in the morning is a good start. You need good Proteins. Also oatmeal is another one that’s good for you! I have whole grain waffles as a treat with eggs once each week as a reward.
Melissa U.
Hey, so I actually really like granola and milk warmed up in the microwave like oatmeal but less work. The granola has raisins and almonds in it. Or I like a tortilla with avocado, maybe cod fish, onions and tomatoes. Ground turkey is delicious too!
Walter E.
I like steelcut oatmeal made with almond milk, some hemp seeds and fruit. Or eggs with an apple, eggs with a double fiber English muffin, or sometimes I have whole wheat toast with almond butter.
Anne Rose U.
I enjoy oatmeal or malt o meal, dolling it up with honey or brown sugar and some fresh fruit and/or nuts/granola. Also enjoy making scrambled eggs with some sauteed onions, mushrooms, spring mix and seasonings with a side of sauteed onions and sweet potatoes. Healthy and tasty and with a half an avocado it's great too! Omelets are also quick and tasty and pretty much add same ingredients. Can use purple potatoes instead of sweet potatoes. Both dont take long to cook. These hot yummy meals take 5-15 minutes. If you pre-prep ingredients the night before it helps make it faster and easier.
Heidi P.
I love porridge with oats, banana, peanut butter and dark chocolate. It's easy to do and delicious. I'm not hungry until lunch!
In Cio O.
Scrambled eggs in a mug. Spray a mug with cooking spay, add two beaten eggs, add whatever Dixon’s you like such as cheese, peppers, etc. Add salt and pepper. Microwave for 2-3 minutes and voila!
Jocieri Z.
I take a small bowl, crack two eggs into it. Add peppers onions, mushrooms, some deli meat and small amount of your selected seasonings. I use garlic powder, black pepper and hot pepper flakes. Microwave about 1 1/2min. Or until cooked through.
Zelda P.
Hardboiled eggs and an oatmeal with banana and grated sugar free chocolate on top. Also a banana and peanut butter smoothie
Mina T.
I really like to make waffles and put fruit on it like blueberries or strawberries with peanut butter. I also like to make an egg and put it in between two waffles.
Julio Z.
I like having Fried Egg Bread. You fry the egg like you would be doing an omelette, but without beating it. Then you put it on a bread loaf and fry it again. I also love having a bowl of milk and muesli, because it's tasty and healthy.