How often can you eat eggs if your cholesterol is high?

Bernadette J.
I think you can eat one egg a day, but I suggest you ask a nutritionist, just in case. Also, I've heard chia capsules help a lot. Take care! 😉
Aleksandr U.
Every day, it's not the eggs that raise your cholesterol but rather the way your body process them. Talk to your GP about a ketogenic diet.
Emily P.
depends on what else you eat that day/week. one egg has 187 mg of cholesterol and if your cholesterol is high then you shouldn’t go above 200 mg/day.
Jar T.
Everyday if you don’t eat the yolks. Otherwise it would just depend on your cholesterol level. Ask your doctor how often you can eat the yolks. Another way to get protein while lowering your cholesterol at the same time would be to add granola to a bowl of Cheerios. Or eat Cheerios with protein rich yogurt.
Brett T.
I'm curious to how your cholesterol is high. Refrain from correcting it with prescribed drugs as that will lead to more drugs for the side effects. I'd still say you can eat a few every day though. Hope this helps.
Tobias C.
Don’t worry about limiting eggs, focus on taking healthy fats (omega 3’s) and other clean, fresh food. It’s not the dietary cholesterol that is the issue anywhere near as much as it is refined sugars and processed foods. Keep doing it the way Mother Nature intended!
Anastasios O.
Every situation is different. You could eat a small amount of eggs every day if that's the only bad thing you have. It's all about balance.
Josephine U.
Recently it is believed that eggs are not so high in cholesterol as was believied and they are really healthy so every other should make no problem.
Wyatt F.
A medium-sized egg contains about 186 mg of cholesterol. This amount corresponds to 62% of the recommended daily intake for an adult. If you have high cholesterol, limit your daily cholesterol intake to less than 200 mg a day. If you like eggs, consume only the egg whites, which do not contain cholesterol.
Jonathan A.
The Mayo Clinic says 7 eggs is fine for healthy people. Eggs raise the good form of cholesterol and they are a very filling food in a small package, so don't worry about it too much.
Terrence N.
You should only have eggs once a week if you have high cholesterol. You could have egg whites every day but not the yolks.
L Rke C.
I gonna eat eggs 2 times per a week , I think this might be great and harmless for the cholesterol level , sure with exercise during the day
Avery F.
If your goal is to reduce your cholesterol and/or achieve a below average cholesterol level, I would recommend eliminating animal products from your diet. Animal products cause significant inflammation in your body leading to many chronic health issues, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart failure, coronary artery disease, etc. Look at for the most up to date nutrition information regarding cholesterol issues and nutritional changes.
Filippa C.
Consult your doctor, but I believe now it’s been shown that eggs have little to no effect on cholesterol. Limit yourself to egg whites if you’re still concerned.
Vicki J.
Eggs are a good source of proteine and if You eat them with moderation and boiled, of course, nothing can happen to You. I think 4-6 eggs in a week is more than enough. I hope my answer it helped You and try to stay healthy and eat healthy food.
Alison E.
Depends if you eat the whites only which is where the protein is then indefinitely. The yolk contains the cholesterol and can be added for flavor in moderation depending on your numbers
Cecilie Z.
That is a great question! I’m not a doctor so I don’t know the right answer but, here is an article I found on high cholesterol. Hope this helps you find the answer your looking for 😁
Pavel A.
I think you can eat eggs daily. However, it is good to remember that egg whites are better for you.
Why not try your omelette with 1 whole egg adding 1 or 2 egg whites and some vegetables! The braver can omit the egg yolk if worried about cholesterol!
Yvete S.
If you do not eat the yellow part, or just make the right portion eg. eating 3 eggs but only one’s yellow part then you can eat every day. The egg white contains 0 calorie.
Mitchell X.
I think one egg per day does not make a huge difference. If you exercise regularly and eat healthy foods most of the time , eggs should not be a problem . In fact eggs are healthy choice for breakfast.
Jacob G.
I’m allergic to eggs so this hasn’t come up for me. From what I’ve read lately, eggs are not the culprit they were once thought to be. There is little in egg whites so you could eat those daily, I would think. Check with the experts on this one!
Laura W.
That's probably a question you should ask your doctor rather than internet strangers. However, if you're worried about eggs, there are plenty of other breakfast options! Like, I'm eating some defrosted blueberries right now. You can make a delicious smoothie with a nut butter, a banana, some almond/soy/cow milk and a chocolate protein powder. Fruit are a good option, nut butters are great, toast, etc.
Mattie F.
The jury is really out on this one. There are some studies that show that the effects of eating eggs, in terms of the nutrients in the yolk and the purity of the proteins in the white, more than offsets the negative effect on cholesterol. There is even a study that shows that eating an egg a day is likely to allow a person to live longer than those who do not. There are many confounders in that study, however.
As a general rule, cholesterol can be controlled by a class of drugs called statins, and losing weight, exercise, and a low carbohydrate diet. These factors are much more important than the number of eggs that you eat.
As a general rule, even the most cautious would say that two to three eggs a week are permissible.
Others would say that as many is 2 per day are fine, as long as you are following the other components of handling your cholesterol levels.
Huberto Z.
It used to be that you could only eat egg whites if you had high cholesterol, but recent studies show that high cholesterol can be genetic and so the egg rule no longer matters.
Florentina C.
For many decades people have been asked not to eat eggs, or limit their consumption or asked to have only the white part of the egg. A single medium sized egg has 186 mg of cholesterol which is the RDI regular dietary intake per day of cholesterol in a human body.
If you are a person who works a lot does exercise has controlled diet you can have an egg daily.
Jason S.
There is good and bad cholesterol I would eat eggs because they area good for you but focus more on one to two golfs a day and the rest will be egg whites
Raphaela F.
I believe new research shows eggs are not bad for cholesterol. Hard or soft boiled is best as you add no additional oils.
Samuel S.
That's absolutely a question for a doctor or a nutritionist who you've trusted with the results of a cholesterol test. If you're that worried about cholesterol, and tests have shown it to be particularly high, sell advice from a professional.

That said, assuming that you keep fat and carbs out of the same meal, and avoid processed sugar, my understanding is that an egg a day isn't going to be detrimental. That, of course, depends on your activity level.

Albina I.
One common misconception people have is that if you have high cholesterol than you can’t ever eat eggs. What happens when you consume foods that are “high in cholesterol” is that your body stops producing it’s own to balance it out. So you can continue to eat eggs, in moderation (a few times a week), and you won’t have to worry about damaging your health!
Janet J.
I am not sure. You would have to contact your doctor to make sure you are eating a healthy amount of food-and in this case- eggs for your body. Good luck on your journey!
Heinfried F.
3-4 eggs per week is fine, you can replace eggs if you are worried,, but 3 eggs per egg is ok, but you can consult your personal doctor,, for still more information just google the same question
Heather F.
As often as you'd like. High cholesterol isn't caused by eating cholesterol. It's caused by eating processed food and sugar.
Amy O.
I’m not entirely sure, recent studies contradict each other. Some say in favour of no cholesterol other in antithesis of the fact. In my experience as a young adult I eat 2-3 sometime four if I’m famished.
Yann O.
I want to say every day because eggs are a great source of proteins and healthy fats. However I feel as though this may be a trick question? That could just be my over analytical brain.
Valentin O.
I eat them regularly , but i only eat the whites. But when im in a rush i just pop a whole boiled egg into my mouth and go off to skool
Wendy E.
I had to research it, but for a normal person up to 3 per day. For someone with raised cholesterol they should reduce their consumption of all high cholesterol foods until their cholesterol becomes healthy, including eliminating egg yolks if necessary.
Jenny U.
Every day if you eat just egg whites. It's the yolk that is bad for you. If you eat the whole egg, no more than 2 or 3 times a week
Roland J.
Ask nutriotion doctor, not random people. I have heard that eggs contain cholesterol, but also got enough unsaturated fat which balances it level. Imo 3 eggs weekly should be fine
Andrea G.
With a high cholesterol it is best to not eat the egg yolks because it has more cholesterol than the whites. If u really do enjoy the whole egg then twice a week would be best
K Tia N.
I personally do not eat eggs. But as I know there is a good cholesterol in eggs so a person can eat it up to 3 times a week I think.
Josefine E.
Actually I don’t really care. I have diabetes and high cholesterol, but ate anything except for sweet stuff. I go for night walks and walk around quite abit in my work. Hence exercising. Though my weight is still high, but my cholesterol levels dropped. And diabetes had improved. I conclude that man needs to go back to his prehistoric lifestyle, the medieval times, the pre-internet age, and move a lot.
Harry R.
I am not sure. I don’t know the medical reasoning behind this. Whatever I may tell will not be accurate and that is no who I am.
Wilhelmine O.
If you habe cholesterol you need to hava a maximum of 3 eggs per week. So try to eat one day and then make a one day break, and start over
Caroline X.
If you are taking a normal diet which includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats everyday then you can have your eggs everyday without the yolk and just the whites which will not cause cholesterol to increase. But if you are taking a keto or Paleo diet it is suggested to eat eggs everyday with yolk and also take some natural cholesterol burners like garlic, turmeric everyday though you have cholesterol or not with some cardio exercises everyday.
Erin J.
I believe 3 to 4 times a week, considering also the other dishes containing eggs. I'm not really keeping notes but that would be an overall average, considering that a week can pass without having eggs more than once or at all.
Nonetheless, one of the reasons I downloaded this app (just few days ago) is that I'm prioritizing the matter of inconsistency in my everyday activities, before diving deep into specifics in different branches.
Also my cholesterol is not that high, nothing alarming, just above the ideal values.