Do you think we should eat a big breakfast or is just a small one enough?

Maryam U.
in my experience, I prefer big one instead make up my starving I lunch or dinner. But our diet and lifestyle should be adaptable to our personality, health situation and our work
Gauthier Y.
I think it's better to eat one that is neither too big or too small with different things inside, for example I like to combine some tangerines with a chocolate protein shake and some vegetables
Dritisha Q.
A big breakfast, then a filling but still not heavy lunch followed by a small dinner is the ideal.
Although i am having trouble following this routine as i am not used to a big breakfast, at the least not before 11. But i am going to incorporate this into my routine slowly and safely without trying to push my body which i have done in the past. It only leads to sickness and ultimately no progress.