What is a good breakfast and why?

Earl U.
A good breakfast is the key to starting a great day. It gives you the boost of energy that you need in the morning in order to have the best day possible.

Tedy N.
I usually tend to have a lot of fruits for breakfast mainly because when I'm craving something sweet I don't have to eat chocolate and other not so healthy things. I also love oatmeal because it's very easy to make and it's very delicious. Bagels are also one of the top things on my list when I'm craving something a bit saltier. Eggs, vegetables, and protein pancakes are also on that list of top favorite breakfasts.

Tupa N.
Dosa is a good breakfast, bcz its savory and its crispy soft and saucy at the same time it has lentil and potatoes which means protein and carb. Best!

Finley N.
Breakfast is good because it helps you on your day, it’s the fuel that helps you get started. When it’s the first thing you do in the morning you have to make it good!

Denise J.
A good breakfast is a meal that you shouldnt rush eating. It's fulfilling, has all the right nutrients, pleasing to the eye and makes you feel good.

Isaiah X.
A good breakfast is a very subjective answer, for some that might be no carbs, high protein. While others opt for balance of fats, carbs, and protein. For myself, that is trying to start the day with a filling, yet light enough to not make me feel so groggy & gross. Essentially, do what YOU feel is best for YOUR body.

S N N.
I think a good breakfast is one that has all the nutrients needed. That will energize you and provide fuel for you through the day. Nothing with no saturated fats and sugars but things like eggs and sausage, an omelet, yogurt with granola and fruit and honey, or the plain oatmeal and you add some honey or cinnamon to flavour with fruit or even put peanut butter . Protein smoothies are a good one as well which is what I do. I also put my sister on protein smoothies as well, as she struggles to eat breakfast. She’s never hungry so a drink was easier for her.