What are some good different options, so I don’t have to eat the same thing every morning

Carole C.
I tend to have three staples that I alternate between so that I'm not eating the same thing every morning… mines boiled eggs (done the night before), low sugar granola with 0 fat flavoured yogurt, and just whatever fruit I can grab hold of on a morning if I'm late for the school run. Maybe you can find three or four different breakfast menus that you like and choose between them depending on your mood or how much time you have…
Tabea Y.
Planning and prep are the best ways to have variety. Think about your favourite foods. Eggs are very versatile and can be made lots of different ways to mix it up. The same can be said for oats: granola bars, granola topped yoghurt and banana with porridge.
At the weekend breakfast can even be a feast to look forward to. 2 wonderful courses, fruit for starters the hot breakfast after.
Making your breakfast from scratch, make your own healthy muffins, bagels and granola bars.
Lawrence P.
I would have a permanent part about my breakfast like my herbal tea and toasts and then a rotating part which would go well with other permanent parts such as having butter and jelly or marmalade or cheese with walnuts and at times have an egg with it boiled or panned
Mesut F.
I usually eat eggs, but there are so many different ways to have eggs I haven't gotten bored yet. Try mixing different spices together create different flavors.
Betty F.
Get creative! Think ahead. I love to change my breakfast every few days or every week. For example I change the porridge flavours and the fruits I add. Or I try different bread spreads, different cheese. Different combinations. A capsicum with my toast or a carrot with my sandwich. It always looks a little bit different and I look forward to it. Also, get inspiration on the Internet. It helps me a lot with creating new recipes and trying out. Eventually kitchen work becomes fun.
Lea Z.
You can add different types of fruits and nuts to your oatmeal each day. Almonds or walnuts, for instance, and blueberries or strawberries, or bananas. Sometimes I replace oatmeal with yogurt (Greek or Scandinavian). Eggs or sausage are other good alternatives. I hope this helps!
Gusti Q.
Eggs with spinach
Porridge with some fruits
Banana with peanut butter
Mixed nuts and dried fruits
Wholemeal toast
Clara Z.
Oatmeal, overnight oats, egg, avocado toast, chia pudding, plain yogurt with fruit and healthy extras like wheat germ, fritata, smoothies…
David A.
100 ways to prepare eggs. Look outside American and French cuisine to Mexican, Spanish and Indian. Also have omelettes with exotic sauces ( Indian ketchup, sriracha, sambal, etc)
Milton U.
I like the simplest things for breakfast-scrambled eggs, egg in a nest( an egg in a piece of bread fried to golden perfection ), a grapefruit with no sugar, plain yogurt with walnuts and a few banana slices
Daniel W.
For the days that I do not have to go into work early I can eat an egg and a piece of toast and some fruit. An egg and toast I don't really get tired of. On the days that I have to go into work early I have breakfast sandwiches in the freezer. It only takes 1 minute to prepare them so I just need to take the time to do it.
Hans J F.
Protein shakes (changing up the mix of fruits, bases, healthy fats changes the flavors)
Overnight oats (use different bases, fruits, toppings)
Baked egg omelet cups (great for freezing to grab later)
Carol E.
I rotate fat-free greek yogurt with fruit, porridge, and boiled eggs. I add berries and yogurt to porridge and I have a little bit of truffle oil and some rocket with my eggs to make it feel more like special ritual.
Tomothy U.
I try to keep it simple and easy because I am feeding my son too, we usually share and he's not a fan of having the same thing. I stick with porridge with some fruit, semolina with jam, Greek yogurt with fruit, oat and banana pancakes, you can bulk make and freeze these, or last resort, homemade bread toasted with jam or avocado
Isidor F.
Chocolate whey protein smoothie with almond milk, peanut butter, banana, and spinach!

Toast topped with sliced egg and avocado, sprinkled with pepper and pink salt!

Scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and grilled tomato!

Coffee and fruit!

Hans T.
Open sandwiches are the most versatile breakfast dish I can think of. A little change on the sauce and toppings can make a big difference every morning. Say you do groceries with only 4 ingredients for your sandwiches, you've already got 24 varieties of sandwiches waiting for you
Chris Q.
A kale & spinach smoothie is a great option. I do 2 cups of kale/spinach mix, 1/2 banana, 1tsp Matcha powder, 1tsp Wheatgrass, 1tsp turmeric, 1/4tsp black pepper, 1/8 cup coconut cream, 8oz water.