I teach very early classes (4 and 5 AM) and have to wait an hour to eat after I take some of my medication. I am usually teaching by then. Do I have to eat breakfast an hour after, or can I wait until my classes are over, which can be 3 hours?

Denise Z.
Wow your class is very early. By that time I can already feel hungry if I am awake that early. I think you can take something warm and soft in the morning before your class. Then after the class you can go with your usual breakfast meal. Hope this helps

Barry T.
Eat breakfast an hour afterwards because going without breakfast for longer periods of time can cause you to be more irritable

Blue N.
you should eat your breakfast an hour later and not wait till the classes are over because if you eat if after an hour you’ll get more energy too keep the class and if you wait till the classes are over you will get hungry and get distracted by the food and have less energy during the class.

Silene P.
I would honesty eat something small like nuts or something that’ll still fulfill your appetite til your able to eat a nice breakfast. I work overnight and my last break is 4am. I used to not eat til I’m off at 7am and omg I always regretted it but I never have an appetite at that time. I force myself to eat a granola bar or something, water with lemon as well. Hope this helps! ❤️

Itzcalli I.
It is totally up to you, however feels best that day, if you feel good and energized (and want to fast a little) wait the three hours, but if your body feels like it needs fuel, fuel it the hour after. As always, listen to your body.

Maria Y.
I say you should eat as soon as possible so you can have enough energy to be attentive in class instead of worrying about what you're going to eat afterwards. I had this issue when I go to work but since i have been eating breakfast, it gives me more energy and I'm in a better mood. I definitely recommend you try this! Hope this helped 🙂

Celina E.
If I were you I would eat when my classes are over but I don't know if that's a good or bad thing for your health so maybe you should talk to a doctor or something

Jacob W.
I believe it's better to snack when tied for time. During or between, have some peanut butter and a yogurt,
a bagel, a handful of nuts and a fruit, just one is better than none.

Amy T.
I think that u should eat breakfast either before ur teaching begins or after, so that you have more time for yourself and more time to enjoy your food without having to stress about teaching another class soon. 🙂