What are some quick morning meals or meals I can prepare the night before and have ready in the morning with no prep?

Kaat I.
I love an overnight oatmeal. For my favourite, i mix oats with a milk replacement and a teaspoon of chocolatepowder! For some freshness, add banana slices on top in the morning!
V Nia S.
You can have fruits in the morning, can have sandwiches by keeping the vegetables cut at night and store them in fridge and use in the morning, or milk or coffe ya
Barbara E.
Make a mixture of different kinds of Chex boxed cereals, divide into zippy baggies, a variety of dried fruits, nuts, etc. Can be added also. You can eat with milk or straight out of the baggies.
Precious N.
FROZEN OATS!!! Highly recommend! It’s easy to make and very fast, and if your not a morning person like me, it saves a lot of time! πŸ™‚