Do you eat breakfast before working out or after?

Joey F.
i personally eat after. i get up, wash my face with cold water to wake up then start exercising. keep being hydrated throughout the workout. i read somewhere that while you work out before breakfast, you will be burning leftover fat/sugars , while if you eat before you will be burning the just eaten fats and sugars. besides you can get bad stomach aches if you eat before !
Cristian C.
A bit of both. When I need to swallow some frog or something, I prefer to start the day with a half hour at work and the other hour for breakfast. I rarely start eating, it's more a matter of habit, I think.
Nicole N.
I eat breakfast After working out because if I eat breakfast before I would run out of energy but if I eat breakfast after then I would run out of energy and then I can gain my energy back.that why I eat breakfast after working out
Isabe Lle Not Lla N.
I’m not sure what the correct answer is, but I personally eat after I workout. This is mainly because right after I’m tired I can eat a meal that will get me through the day. Instead of working out after and burning all the food I ate out of me, or get cramping if I workout too soon after eating. Plus I wake up and drink water without looking at my phone at all, without distracting myself and procrastinating to workout, then get to spend some time with my phone while eating!
Kaitlyn N.
I usually eat before because I’m counting cross country as my workout. If I don’t eat I feel miserable and like I might throw up. Fuel is important
Victoria X.
I would usually eat after working out but depending on how hungry I am, sometimes I’ll eat breakfast before working out.