What breakfast fills you up? I’m always hungry an hour or two after I eat and I have a busy, active morning schedule.

Vanessa U.
Oatmeal pancakes. You can make them the night before and put them together in the morning. I like to spread goat cheese on them and add fruit on top. Apple, pear and banana are my favorites but any berry works too. If I'm craving something sweeter I pour a bit of honey over the fruit or spread a bit of peanut butter over the cheese and before the fruit.
Brooke U.
One piece of avocado toast usually fills me up, however, when I go to school I am very active so I usually get hungry around break time which is perfect to have a snack
Wade U.
Adding protein would help, it keeps you full and satisfied longer:). So for example an egg sandwich or two, or having a protein shake alongsife your normal breakfast, or really anything that adds more protein.
Mya Y.
I have to warn you, I usually don't get hungry until the afternoon. But I eat anyway.

It depends. During the week, I have a bowl of oatmeal seasoned with cinnamon, ginger and honey. Sometimes I dice in a small apple or throw in some crasins. Any fruit will do. That usually carries me through well into the afternoon.

But on my weekends, when we turn the phones off, my boyfriend's eggs, sausage and pancakes breakfast satisfies me all day.

Andrzej U.
So there is many opinions. Toast with avocado and eggs is a great one. You can also make a smoothie bowl and fill it up with nuts and fruits. Be creative:)
Carolina V.
Personally, I prefer eating something that I had to cook or fry. So not the basic bread, butter, ham and cheese, but like an omelette or oatmeal. As I experienced, I don't get hungry so soon and I like these breakfasts much more so it's an absolute mood booster in the beginning of the day. I hope this helps (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
Leah N.
i, personally, always try to go for things with high protein and carbs. such as oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches, nuts, etc.
Phyo U.
I usually have two egg whites, one cup of Greek yogurt, one banana and a cup of rice with steamed or sautéed beans for my breakfast.