What is your typical great breakfast for everyday!?

Margarita Q.
Crack three eggs straight into a pan at medium heat and scramble, topping with "everything but the bagel" seasoning and a balsamic glaze. It's delicious.
Maria S.
Oatmeal with fried eggand sauteed spinach onions and tomatoes. I usually sauteed the spinach tomato and onion on the weekend, make a big batch and fry the egg and warm up in the oven my oatmeal on the spot. Pretty good and low work!
Jessica X.
Oatmeal with different topping s, either savory or sweet.. savory.. olive oil, garlic, pepper and artichoke hearts… Sweet… On and strawberries with honey and cinnamon… Or eggs.. scrambled or and omelette w/veggies
Elise F.
Anything is better than nothing, but if you can make it high in protein, no sugar, and low to non-existent on carbs, that's better for you.
I struggle with energy so I need a little bit of carbs to kickstart my day. I go with about 3 large eggs and 2 pieces of toast. Sally Mae has bread that's about 60 calories for each slice and I'll put a little butter on them.
Another breakfast that'll help you through the day is oatmeal, but it's healthier if you buy the oats plain and add stuff in later. I'll make pan oatmeal and then take a square/chunk for breakfast for the day. Have it with almond milk; it's delicious.
Eneias C.
I used to eat a protein bar every morning. Now, I eat banana bread mini muffin (whole grain, protein and honey) and an egg mini muffin (with sausage, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, etc). I can make a big batch once a week. The banana bread freezes really well.
Lena T.
I would have a coffee and some sliced apple or cereal, it’s quick, as I only have an hour to get ready so preparing and eating the food should be as short as possible, and it’s easy, because I’m bad at cooking and being able to wash thing so up in the morning.
Anna S.
My typical breakfast is a protein (normally eggs or peanut butter), a grain (whole wheat bread or oatmeal), and a fruit to go!
Wanda G.
2whole eggs and 1 egg white scrambled and cook in a small amount of butter, half of a avocado and maybe 1/2 cup of blueberries or raspberries
Jonathan C.
I usually always try to have eggs, Cheerios with low fat milk, or a smoothie. Buying some frozen fruit and bananas to freeze helps so much with smoothies. Fresh fruit takes to long to prepare. Frozen makes it less of a terrifying thing to do in the morning. Throw 2 cups in with your favorite liquid like pineapple juice, almond milk, or water and Bam! Easy smoothie for the day!
Margarita N.
I have 3 different filling and healthy breakfasts I enjoy and frequently make.
First one is fresh veggie salad. I prefer using salad leaves (iceberg or mixed greens), with avocado, cherry tomatoes and fried pine seeds. I put some salt for a taste and virgin olive oil and add a bit of balsamic vinegar.
Second breakfast I often make is overnight oats with fruit, jam and/or nuts.
On special occasions I make myself thin pancakes with caramelized apples and cinnamon, or just with jam/whipped cream.
Gaia T.
At breakfast I usually eat a bowl with white plain yogurt with fresh fruit and muesli/ granola. Alongside I drink orange juice, tea or water, depending on my needs
Chad R.
My typical breakfast is a premise oatmeal made with almond milk, bananas, and peanutbutter. It's chilled in the fridge with several others so I can just grab it in the morning
Mark Ta M.
Scrambled tofu with a wholemeal bread or oatmeal woth fruits and nuts etc., it really depends on how I feel that day 🙂
Edward Y.
A great breakfast is a little of everything. A little protein a little fruit. Sometimes if the mood hits me I will eat what I had for dinner the night before. I restrict myself on what I can eat. Eating breakfast no matter what it is gives me all day to burn it off. I don't recommend not do I want to give the excuse of using breakfast to eat all the bad foods you crave like desserts and candies. The occasional couple of slices of cold pizza in the morning (to me ) is better than a couple of slices of pizza right before bed. I don't usually like the traditional breakfast foods but nothing beats a nice bowl of oat meal and some fruit on a cold winter morning.
Helfried F.
A typical great breakfast for me usually consists of bacon, eggs and either an Apple or Bannana for dessert so to speak;)
Scarlet F.
Yoghurt, granola, fruit and honey when I have time. When I don’t have time I like a chocolate protein shake with chia seeds.
Tessa S.
I mean prep my breakfast on sundays. Making a big batch of breakfast burritos. They have hashbrowns, carrots, bok choy, broccoli, spinach and sometimes egg.
T Nia N.
Normally I have whole grain bread with peanut butter. I also like to eat the bread with turkey ham and tomato, with a bit of some cream cheese.
Bella N.
A healthy museli with milk, fruit and Yogurt or a smoothie. Otherwise avo on Vogel's toast is really nice. And eggs is good too
Emma O.
Porridge (Oatmeal)! It is super customisable and quick! I love it with fruits but I am looking into trying a savoury recipe soon. Slow release energy that's the real deal! Also if you are in a rush overnight oats are a great solution with minimal prep the night before. They are also great in the summer when you don't feel like a hot breakfast. Speaking of hot, during the winter nothing beats the warm feeling of good porridge (oatmeal) in your tummy as you brave the cold. Take that winter, I have a furnace within! I have also managed to successfully cook it in the slow cooker. Piping hot porridge when I wake up ready for me! So there you have it porridge is my number one choice for a great breakfast to keep you going until lunch!
Anna O.
Breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs (seasoned with a little salt, pepper, and pepper flakes), parmesan cheese, and spinach
Jonas E.
I love a big bowl with yogurt, cereals like avena or quinoa, and berries. I like too a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee
Oscar U.
Cottage cheese, fruit, eggs, an English muffin or a bagel. On busier mornings just a quick protein shake does the trick!
Morgan C.
I did stir fryed tofu with green beans or i make myself a eggs with vegetables. I to music, dance while cooking and drinking my first coffee.
Tina U.
Eggs when I'm really hungry or need a lot of energy for the day. Oats if I feel like something sweet and filling. Yoghurt with fruits for lighter days.
Mitchell P.
If I'm I a hurry, I just grab a banana cuz I know they have protein and will give e the energy I need for the day, rather than a muffin or toast which will burn out too quickly,
I bought a microwave egg poacher which really comes in handy if im too lazy to cook, just crack the eggs in to it, microwave for 1 minute, then eat 🤗
Jeffrey P.
I usually try to change my breakfast every day… This morning for example I had eggs with some cheese, but I also have fruit or yogurt or cereals the other days!
Allan U.
I really like my cereal and milk, its easy to prepare ahead for the week. I have added some nuts daily for protein beyond the milk. That's helping to not feel hungry as soon.
Larissa Y.
My typical great breakfast is a waffle with bananas on top. Yogurt on the side with fruits and granola. I love a chocolate protein with spinich smoothie.
Connor U.
Quiche, I make one with 4 servings. And if I am not in the mood for quiche I have premade plain yogurt with cherry's and whole wheat english/toast.
Erica S.
Oatmeal with fruit, cottage cheese or Greek yogurt and almond butter. I also add flax (ground) and hemp seeds. There are a lot of variations you can play around with
Emy T.
A nice cup of tea. Porridge with seasonal fruits, nuts, and cinnamon. A vary between almonds, walnuts or a mixture. Banana, blueberries and pear are my favourites to combine.
Jenny Z.
Variety is best, but my "typical great breakfast" would be: two fried eggs – sunny side up, baked beans, two slices of toast – hot buttered, and a few leftover potato's fried up alongside the eggs making a delicious platefull of nutrients.