What about intermittent fasting? Does anyone have experience with this? If so should I stop having breakfast?

Roselinde F.
I have done intermittent fasting and it works really well, lost inches and built energy quickly! I’ve heard it is really good for your metabolism also.
L Rke C.
I intermittent fast! But not every day! Maybe twice a week! Or I'll do the 18:6 day so far for 18 hours for a day then eat for 6! It's good beside it's up to you when to eat. 😊 Hope that helps
Alex Z.
There's so many sources that say breakfast is important so I'm reluctant to tell anyone they should stop. That being said, for myself, intermittent fasting is about the only weight loss solution that has ever worked for me. So instead of breakfast, I drink one Spirulina/vegetable "green" drink in the morning before I leave for work. I also then drink one psyllium husk fiber supplement right after. These are both extremely low calorie so don't break my fast but they are a bit filling regardless. I have made that my "eat a great breakfast" task instead of actual breakfast. It still takes time and requires willpower to keep the habit going. Admittedly, sometimes I fail because I feel too rushed or am not in the mood but when I do it, it makes everything better during my day.
Babala N.
I'm experiencing intermittent fasting. I've started skipping breakfast and was ok: I didn't feel so much hunger and it was easier than I expected. I had one coffee in the morning and herbal teas during the day.
Unfortunately I had to dinner late, after 8 pm, three times a week and that was not good for me: I had bad digestion and poor sleep. So I decided to skip my dinner and I feel better.
I have a large breakfast with more protein: that was a big change for me and I like it very much. I usually have lunch at 1 pm and I eat regularly, choosing plenty of vegetable and some protein. In the afternoon and at night I have teas, herbal teas or golden milk.
I don't feel hunger, I eat and sleep better so for me it's a positive experience.
Kimberlyk Live Nl N.
I have tried it. I ate only between 12 pm and 8 pm. I think it works but you really have to be mindfull of what you eat ( nutrients etc). I stopped because I noticed that fasting for such a long time made my hunger disappear totally and I was not eating nearly enough. There is a lot of info in the internet about different types of intermittent fasting! Or on youtube. Good luck 🙂
Tr N N.
I just want to answer your questions like this. As my knowledge, breakfast is the most important meal in the day because you start your day with nothing in your stomach, it can last long as you think! So having breakfast, of course🙂
Josina O.
I do intermittent fasting. I usually try to keep 12 to 16 hours fasting. My first meal will be more like a breakfast lunch where I try to choose nutritionus food that will keep me satisfied and happy.
Alexandra E.
I have done a lot of intermittent fasting (IF) while I was on a keto lifestyle and it was great. Due to keto, I wouldn’t feel hungry in the morning anyway, so was very easy to skip breakfast and sometimes even lunch. I would generally aim for a 18 hours fast, 6 hours eating window. However, for me at least, when I’m in a regular way of eating, consuming normal amount of carbs, it doesn’t work. I feel hungry more often and feel the bad effects of fasting like dizziness, nausea and a really bad mood. I think it depends a lot on your lifestyle, your relationship with food and your goals. Either way, good luck in your endeavours!!
Petra X.
I do use intermittent fasting. I stop eating around 7pm and eat breakfast after 9am – just make sure it's a quality breakfast
Eduardo Y.
I know the time frame is 16 hrs nearly for the fasting period. It cleans your body but I dont know if I can stop eating that much early